Match 27 – MI vs DC: Betting Predictions

As the fight for a spot in the top four is getting serious, we are going to witness a high quality match that is going to be played between two in form teams of this tournament. One is filled with experience while the other blue team is filled with youngsters. Surprisingly, this is the first time we are going to watch two teams that have a staunch bowling department in this tournament. So the team which bats well might get the fruit of victory. 

Without much build ups, let’s get into predictions for the Match No.27 of IPL 2020: MI vs DC. 

Prediction on the top run-scorer.

Being the most experienced in pressure handling and facing tough bowlers, Rohit Sharma will be the best batsman for MI. He has failed to score the important half-century in the last match, which was held at Abu Dhabi. The shots that he could make after settling down on a wicket is something that can create magic. Fortunately, the last innings would have made him ready to write more good things under his name with yet another stunning knock. Kagiso Rabada can be dangerous for Rohit, but he likes to time the ball well. And that is the reason why we have selected him as the favorite for making more number of runs in this match. Two spinners Ravi Ashwin and Axar Patel, both cannot be the best against him. Ashwin might have to go for variations while Axar Patel needs to be more consistent with the line to pick Rohit’s wicket.

Marcus Stoinis, being the strong run maker for DC, will look to take forward his precious form with the bat. The length he picks up for hitting more sixes makes him the better option to score more runs on the board. With his strong cricketing muscles, the hulky Australian would look to score more runs of the innocuous spinners of MI.  

Prediction on top wicket-taker

Kagiso Rabada’s pace and length of his stock deliveries stand alone from that of other fast bowlers in IPL. He has become an exponent of making real tough times for the batters in the middle. Especially Kagiso Rabada’s seam presentation needs a separate mention. The seam movement he gets in these feather belt is something that cannot be taken the lead over so easily. The Proteas bowler with a correct rhythm is a dangerous customer for any settled batsman and, of course, at any point in an innings. By getting more dot balls with his restrictive bowling technique, he gets a great opportunity to make breakthroughs.

Jasprit Bumrah, being a smart speedster, has become lethal again with his intelligent way of thinking. He has eventually overcome the low he was having during the start of this season. He has become inexpensive again with his excellent thought process. The top-order wickets of the Delhi Capitals team might have to be careful in dealing with this pacer. Jasprit Brah can also scalp crucial wickets in the middle of the order through his wide range of varieties. This makes Bumrah a handy pick with the new ball and even in the penultimate over. Jasprit Bumrah has found that his short balls were not working well in these traditionally sluggish wickets of UAE, he is now making adjustments with his lengths. Since SC is filled with run accumulators, MI might be ready with extra plans in their kit. And therefore, Bumrah being Bumrah, would be so effective in executing the new strategies that would have been planned by the strong Mumbai management. 

Prediction on Who will win the match?

Bowling wise, currently, Mumbai Indians are the best only next to Delhi capitals. So the fight between these two better bowling sides will be a high octane environment. The bowlers of Delhi are in good form, and that makes the difference. The two pacers from South Africa and the two Indian opposite spinners have become a great combination in restricting the opponents’ runs for Delhi Capitals. In the meanwhile, Mumbai Indians aren’t comfortable with the form of their bowlers. MI are entirely dependent on anyone among their bowlers to step forward to guide the team. As Mumbai has these tactics to manage a game, even though their bowlers aren’t in good shape with bowling, Mumbai are slightly ahead of Delhi. 

With the bat, both the teams have the star-studded line-up. They have the potential to improve the steam at any moment. The only difference would be that MI is filled with experience while Delhi is filled with youngsters who need to prove a point. 

On looking at the whole comparisons, Mumbai is ahead of the young Delhi team in this match.

Prediction on the most six-hitting batter

Kieron Pollard, with his pure power, can hit any balls that are bowled within his arc. Especially the spin bowlers of Delhi Capitals. With Ashwin and Axar. They are well tuned with these conditions, but this West Indian all-rounder can hit them easily even if they bowl their stock deliveries. As Kieron Pollard is used to walking into the middle with six to seven overs spare, it helps him go on top with freedom. He doesn’t need to worry about any other stuff that a top-order batter could have. With all these factors considered, Kieron Pollard might find more opportunities to hit more sixes in this match. 

Prediction on Man of the match

Marcus Stoinis, with his match winning ability, needs to focus more on the results. With having a three-dimensional contribution to his team, Marcus Stoinis is now the favorite player to grab the man of the match award for the game. . Especially in Abu Dhabi, Stoinis’ power-hitting is required for Delhi to make a greater impact in the scoreboard. If the Australian walks into the middle with six to seven overs spare, he will be the most dangerous thing for the field opponents. With the ball, Stoinis can be more productive by picking the key wickets of the opponent team. His variations that include the mix of pace will stand higher in being more vital for his team.  

Since Stoinis had a great England series, his reflex and adaptability with the UAE conditions look good. And that’s what makes him a precious gem for Delhi Capitals. 

To Sum up

On the whole, Mumbai Indians can make a great match when they use their experience. Since all their players have got a game to prove themselves in this tournament so far, it is clear that anyone would step forward to guide the troop. Therefore, this game seems to take the side of the Mumbai Indians.

Match 26 – SRH vs RR: Betting Predictions

The Dream 11 IPL 2020 in UAE is now in the stage where the wickets are slowly getting tired. The batters are feeling some difficulties in getting the ball in the sweet spot. The pitches are making the ball stick to it for a fraction of second when it is pitched. With so much happening with the points table, this match between SRH and RR is going to be a crucial clash for RR more than SRH to make a move in the points table.

Without much ado, let’s get into predictions for the Match No.26 of IPL 2020: SRH vs RR.

Prediction on the top run-scorer.

David Warner has made a magnificent impact on his side’s line up in the last match with his outstanding innings. It is one of the significant innings in this tournament. The partnership that raised between Jonny Bairstow and the SRH skipper against the struggling Kings XI Punjab team sets an example for a controlled opening partnership. It was good to see Warner maintaining the rhythm of his new approach till the end of the innings. He was working through the game plan. And it will still work as David Warner is now wholly a team player, on the way to fulfil the demands from his team he would reach boundaries laid so quickly.

Most importantly, Rajasthan’s spinners Shreyas Gopal and Rahul Tewatia, both being the spinners who would bring the ball towards the left-hander, would never be a bother for David Warner. In looking at the fast bowlers, there had been some new additions in the name of Varun Aaron and Andrew Tye in Rajasthan’s last match they were too quick and accurate. Fortunately, David Warner, being an Aussie batter, was made to face such bowlers in the midst. This eventually makes David Warner a tough customer for Rajasthan Royals. 

From Rajasthan’ side, Jos Buttler is always a batter who needs to prove his skill sets now and then. The English wicket-keeper has got failure in the last match. He wasn’t making a start, which Rajasthan Royals wanted to have in their previous game. Maybe the UAE wickets are making a rigid syllabus for an English batter is not working well. But still, this match against SRH is a chance to bring back his stellar performance like the one he does against the relentless Mumbai Indians bowling attack. The dependency of RR on their top order is still increasing, but it won’t be a bigger thing to think for Jos Buttler, because he has got the free flow batting style. 

Prediction on top wicket-taker

Rashid Khan is once again making an extraordinary come-back to his wicket-taking process. Naturally, batters never plan to go against this Afghan wristy. But the UAE wickets are manufacturing a tremendous pressure on the batters to boost up the run rate often, especially while chasing the target. And that makes Rashid Khan more lethal in the second bowling. The variations from this leg spinner getting updated every day.

Most importantly, it makes the batters to get bemused in the middle. At times, even though the batters aren’t making an effort to slog Rashid Khan harder, the magic wrist of Rashid Khan is doing wonders to get through the gateway of the batter’s defence. These elements, along with its current form, automatically makes the Afghan bowler a fine choice to pick the most number of wickets in this clash against Rajasthan Royals. 

Jofra Archer, with his lethal pace, is continuously making a strong statement in feather belt UAE wickets. His restricting bowling has got into the next step by picking the critical scalps in the middle overs. Above all, the length the England bowler bowls to prevent the providings of the room from swinging the bat for the batsmen. 

Prediction on Who will win the match?

Let’s talk about the batting of both the teams first. Rajasthan is struggling with some imbalance at their engine room. Talks are going about Ben Stokes’ arrival. If it happens, then there is a considerable balance in the making. The two stellar top-order batters Steve Smith and Sanju Samson have lost in the middle of nowhere. They were groping for the form they were having at the start of this tournament. Other than that, Jos Buttler looks okay with his condition. The middle-order suffering is costing a considerable price for the Rajasthan team.

Meanwhile, SRH is also facing the same issue. The core needs to be vital to bring its total from 150 to 200 runs. They have a better top 3, David Warner, Jonny Bairstow and Manish Pandey. But the problem lies with the middle order, where Kane Williamson is still exploring the new slot he’s been given. 

With the bowling, Rajasthan is entirely over Jofra Archer’s speed. Other than that, Rahul Tewatia was right in the last match. If Ben Stokes comes in, then the attack would be expected to be more balanced. 

The batters cannot quickly go hard against the SRH bowling attack. They have Rashid Khan, who is extremely strong in the wicket-taking process. Apart from Rashid, what’s more, fascinating is the way T Natarajan is bowling. The yorkers, the slower balls and the cutters of Natarajan are making a new brand for the left-arm seamers. 

Looking at the strengths and weaknesses of both the side, the Hyderabad based team is the favourite of this clash. 

Prediction on the most six-hitting batter

Jonny Bairstow has a terrific six-hitting ability. The hint he was showing for the last two who can be a game-changer with the bat of IPL proves that he is yet another batter who can be a game-changer. The on the rise shots of Bairstow makes him a tough customer in the powerplay overs. The way he picks up the length of the spinners is the unique factor he has got facing Rashid Khan in the nets. Above all the other factors, his bottom hand domination is the key to his brutal hits. Considering the current form of Jonny Bairstow, he is the front line runner for hitting more number of sixes in this match. 

Prediction on Man of the match

David Warner never misses fetching his name in this list of the man of the match winners when he gets in a roll. Especially in the current form, he is in now. When a batsman contains three to five shots for a single delivery, he becomes impenetrable for bowlers in the shorter format. In that sense, Warner can always find places in the field to take the lead with his wide range of shots. With Jonny Bairstow having made a heroic performance in front of the skipper, David Warner might now be ready to roar with his high-quality skills. And that makes him the lethal batsman to bowl for. On facing the RR spinners who spin it towards him, would make his job even more comfortable to go over the fence. So Rajasthan Royals must give their right eye on the skipper of SRH in this clash. 

To Sum up

Even though Rajasthan is excited about the return of Ben Stokes, it is SRH which is currently in the position to win this game. They knew this route very well and with their batters and bowlers making so much impactful contribution, SRH has the upper hand to win this match.

Match 25 – CSK vs RCB: Betting Predictions

As CSK is groping for victory, this clash against RCB will be a tough one as the Bangalore side is much stronger than CSK. RCB has been pushed to a point where they have to prove their superpower. Especially against the struggling Chennai Super Kings. 

Without much ado, let’s get into predictions for the Match No.25 of IPL 2020: CSK vs RCB.

Prediction on the top run-scorer.

Burning a hell lot of calories is the routine for the Proteas skipper Faf Du Plessis. His form in the current scenario means a lot for the yellow team. His run-scoring techniques through the anchoring role make a massive difference for the yellow troop. The position he comes in with Shane Watson is the apt slot for this right-handed batter. It gives him enough time to get adapted to the conditions of the field. With Shane Watson back with a bang, a certain amount of burden on Du Plessis’ shoulder has been taken down. The partnership between Shane and Faf has got the josh now to ignite from the start. Now, the beginning of the two foreign batters of CSK has gained steam, which is what the ardent fans of CSK were waiting for a long time. Since RCB’s bowling is not so good except that of Yuzvendra Chahal, Faf Du Plessis is the favorite to score more in this match. 

The skipper of RCB, Virat Kohli, is getting back to his divine touch with the bat. Virat Kohli has all the opportunities to step in as a batter who can score more for the Bangalore based IPL team. The match-winning knocks from Virat Kohli have happened often, but now he is searching for consistency in it. He has got the proven comeback skill. RCB’s match against Rajasthan Royals showed us why he is the king of chasing. Since CSK struggles with their innocuous bowling attack, the Indian skipper wouldn’t miss this chance to get a good amount of runs on board. 

Prediction on top wicket-taker

Yuzvendra Chahal’s wrist is doing magic with the ball. The amount of loop he is giving while delivering the ball makes him an outright competitor for scalping more wickets. With the UAE conditions favoring the spinners the most, batters are making careful steps against this leggy of RCB. But still, the batters are tempted to go for big shots, and that’s when the wonders of his release of the ball happen to pick the wickets of the batters.wonders with his precious spin bowling. Furthermore, the Indian leg spinner’s bowler’s attitude is enough to choose those significant breakthroughs that other bowlers are finding it so difficult to do. His accuracy has been so good so far in this tournament, and that acts as the key for bowling more dot balls in the middle, which in turn makes Chahal get the opponents’ critical scalps when they try to overhit him. You cannot miss this name out of this category, especially with his form in this tournament. With Shane Watson, Faf Du Plessis, and Ambati Rayudu are not so good against the leg-spin, this maestro of leg-spin can be dangerous for the top orders of CSK. 

Prediction on Who will win the match?

CSK has a good bowling and batting department. Byt the form they are in is the most worrying factor. They are all the exponents of T20 cricket in Indian conditions, but their adaptability is under a big question mark for UAE conditions. 

MeanMeanwhile in RCB, they lack the responsibility. The responsibility of every individual to contribute consistently. Without that element, the men in red cannot be the favorites to win this game. 

Looking at the bench strength, RCB is way ahead of the yellow side of the IPL. But still, the leadership factor might play a pivotal role. 

Looking at all the strengths, weaknesses, and current forms of both these teams, it seems so close. Both look the same. But CSK is possessing the upper hand with Dhoni’s leadership. 

Prediction on the most six-hitting batter

The 360-degree batter of RCB knows about every nook and corner of the ground because of his wide range of shots. The position in which this 360-degree batter walks in is suited for six-hitting. He might be starting by facing spinners. Even with the spinners, AB De Villiers is excellent at picking the length. His lofty straight drives over long-on and long-off regions make it difficult for the spinners to bowl. Above all, the mid-wicket shots and lofted cover drives reduce the spots to bowl for the bowlers against him. There will be a barrier for ABD in the form of MS Dhoni behind the stumps. But still, ABD cannot be restricted if he gets on a roll. Eventually, he can hit it all over the park when needed the most, making him at the top of this predictable list. 

Prediction on Man of the match

The six-month hiatus of Virat Kohli has put him in a position where he needs more time in the middle to settle. With the innings against Rajasthan Royals, he has come over all of it. But still, in the next match, he wasn’t able to perform well. Consequently, this would have pushed him to a particular stage where he is currently hungry to get too many runs in the kit. With such an attitude and unimaginable fitness level, Virat can once again impact his bat for his team. A great player of spin who knows how to attack Ravindra Jadeja and Karn Sharma. In the meanwhile, Sam Curran can be dangerous with his incoming deliveries for Virat. Even Deepak Chahar can do the same with the new ball. So from these factors, it is clear that Virat needs to survive the new ball bowling of CSK. He knew the formula to play the speedsters of CSK, so let’s wait to witness Virat’s strong innings.

Match 24 – KXIP vs KKR: Betting Predictions

The battle between the mighty KKR and KXIP, which is at the lowest position in the point table is going to produce a fantastic T20 game. With both the teams are in the urge to go on top from their current position, this clash can provide us with high octane entertainment. With speeches going around on bringing back the Universal boss Chris Gayle into the side, this is going to be a challenging time for KL Rahul to make a huge call. 

Without much ado, let’s get into predictions for the Match No.24 of IPL 2020: KXIP vs KKR.

Prediction on the top run-scorer.

The skipper of Kings XI Punjab has the most variety of shots in this current edition of IPL. The shorter format exponent in batting is becoming a big thing in modern times. Furthermore, this format gives him enough space to showcase his mind-blowing batting skills along with his added captaincy responsibility. KKR is filled with bowlers, about six to seven bowlers are on board, and all are different from each other. This makes KKR the best bowling side next to in-form DC. At this current situation, KL Rahul might be the one who can show other batters how to deal with different types of bowlers in a single match. Since KKR is dominated by spinners, being a good player of spin we can expect more sweep shots from KL in this particular match. KL loves playing fast bowlers, and as there are about four pacers in KKR, this will also boost up the chances of KL Rahul to shine with his bat in this clash. 

Nicholas Pooran, the man who can do wonders if he gets on a roll. The batting which the West Indian plays is something so natural that comes up only from those who are from Caribbean lands. Being a momentum-based player, Nicholas Pooran has now settled himself with the needed momentum to outwin the opponents. Most importantly, the spinners of KKR won’t be a bother for this left-hander as he has got the big bat swing which is also known for its accuracy. The knock of Pooran last match showed us what impossibilities this wicket-keeper batsman could do with his bat. 

Prediction on top wicket-taker

Pat Cummins has been one among the main factors for KKR’s success in their bowling department. With his pace, he made a magnificent contribution, which in turn acted as an excellent advantage for Dinesh Karthik. Throughout his career, Pat Cummins has been affected by his injury-prone body. But this time he is dealing with this tournament with a much fitter body, and it looks good to see him dealing with his fitness in these challenging conditions for a fast bowler. The attitude of Pat Cummins is the main reason for his success in the wicket-taking process. His strong character would bring him on top of the wicket-takers list. Since Kings XI Punjab isn’t making well with their middle-order batters, Pat Cummins can be a crucial bowler in the penultimate over for Dinesh Karthik. And KXIP’s dependency on top keder batting can also be shattered by this hulky Australian, as he is correctly moving the ball. 

Varun Chakravarthy, the Indian Sunil Narine is making tough times for the batters to take the lead against him. The magical spin of the Tamilnadu spinner has uprooted the stumps of the one and only MS Dhoni in the last match. His way of restricting the run flow in the middle overs makes him lethal against any T20 teams, which contains the exponent batters in this format. 

Prediction on Who will win the match?

In the batting department, KXIP is entirely dependent on its top order batters. and it is also said that it might be the reason to bring Chris Gayle back on top of the order to make the in form batters to come down in the middle. On the other side, KKR is filled with batters who can make match-winning knocks at any time. On comparing both the teams, KKR seems to have the upper hand here. 

Again, in bowling, KXIP is nowhere near to KKR. As KKR is playing with more options, they have become the staunch bowling department only next to the in-form DC bowlers. 

On looking at all these factors, KKR seems too good for KXIP. 

Prediction on the most six-hitting batter

KL Rahul is far superior to what we think can restrict him. The Karnataka born Indian batter knows the nooks and corners to score runs, and it is believed that he can do it against the top-class spinners. Being a powerful spin hitter, KL makes himself a favourite to hit more number of sixes in this clash against KKR, which is known for their staunch bowling.

Furthermore, KL’s pure skill gets updated day by day, which is what makes us witness the incredible shots from him. The KKR team with four pacers and three spinners is the most challenging customer for any batter. But KL Rahul with his remarkable skill in producing shots all around the park is the best option to hit the most number of sixes. Coming in as an opener, KL Rahul will have more opportunities to go over the fence as only two fielders are allowed outside the powerplay ring during his early innings. Being a better fast bowling player, he would love to go over the top against the express speedster Pat Cummins. 

Prediction on Man of the match

Andre Russell, with his brutal six-hitting nature and handy bowling in the middle or death overs, can be the player of the match for KKR. Since the bowling of KXIP isn’t performing well for the last few games, this is the right time which would provide suitable opportunities for Andre Russell to taste success with his bat. The much expected Andre Russell is not making much sound with the sweet spot if his bat, and it is believed the struggles can all come to an end with this match against KXIP. Furthermore, the innocuous middle-order batters can be the scalps of this Trinidadian all-rounder. 

To sum up

Eventually, KXIP are pushed to a point where they have to take immediate steps on Glenn Maxwell’s form in batting. If Chris Gayle comes in with a bang in the top order, then KXIP might find the fight against the mighty Kolkata Knight Riders.

Match 23 – RR vs DC: Betting Predictions

The mighty Delhi Capitals are looking to extend their domination with struggling Rajasthan Royals. What’s more fascinating is the venue in which this clash has been held. Sharjah, the venue in which runs flow without any trouble. As the two dominating batting sides are about to lock horns in this venue, the expectation meter is sky high for this match. 

Without much ado, let’s get into predictions for the Match No.23 of IPL 2020: RR vs DC.

Prediction on the top run-scorer.

As a blessing in disguise, Rajasthan Royals got their key opener, Jos Buttler, back on form in the last match. The English wicket-keeper possesses all variety of shots, which can clear all the areas of a cricket ground. Being an opener in the Rajasthan team, he explores the different cricket, completely contrasting to his national side. A true champion with the bat who can make anything possible with the bat, hitting the ball right. At present, Butler is the best thing for RR, and his return to the white side bolsters Rajasthan even more. Against the lethal DC pace bowlers, Jos Buttler is a sure bet who can make incredible shots to out win the stunning deliveries. This obviously makes the English wicket-keeper as a favorite for the match against Delhi Capitals in Sharjah. 

Shreyas Iyer is the man in form but couldn’t do his best in his last match. This pushes Shreyas Iyer to have the right eye on his shot selection in this match against Rajasthan. The best thing that Shreyas could get is the bowling attack of the Rajasthan team. Other than Jofra Archer, no other bowlers seem to be troubling in the small ground in Sharjah. Once again, the man in the form will make a match-winning knock, and he won’t miss this opportunity to score higher in a small ground. 

Prediction on top wicket-taker

Kagiso Rabada is deadly. The pace he produces and the length he bowls are making real tough times for the batters in the middle. The seam movement he gets in the traditionally slow UAE wickets is astonishing. As a bowler who is currently possessing the right rhythm is a dangerous customer for any settled batsman and, of course, at any point of a second. With the Sharjah ground being so small in size, the Rajasthan team’s batters would even try to take the lead over this Proteas bowler and this, in turn, gives obvious reasons for Rabada to pick more number of wickets in this match when the batters try to slog harder. 

The extra nip which Anrich Nortje gets from these flat wickets are the key for his run restrictions. Batsmen weren’t able to get the effective fluent against this fast bowler from South Africa, and that makes the route for him to pick a decent number of wickets in every match. Above all, the support he is getting from his fellow bowlers makes him even more lethal. As Rajasthan Royals are the team that is wholly dependent on their top order batters, this South African bowler will have a point to prove against the top-quality top-order batters Rajasthan Royals. 

Prediction on Who will win the match?

Delhi Capitals looks good with all three departments. They are the side which is filled with youngsters, who are vigorously wanted to showcase their skill set to the bigger crowd. In bowling, with two tough spinners, two lethal Proteas pacers, and an Australian all – rounder who can bring in quality spells when the team needed, Delhi Capitals looks so strong. 

What’s more fascinating about Delhi is their batting order. They still have Shimron Hetmyer in the middle who hasn’t batted in most Delhi matches. This is because of the consistency of the batters at the top. Shikhar Dhawan and Prithvi Shah are making an intense fight within themselves for the opening spot in the Indian team, while Shreyas Iyer and Rishabh Pant are so strong with pulling their innings till the end. The cameo of Marcus Stoinis has so far been the best death over batting in this edition of IPL. With all these performers on board with great touch, Delhi Capitals have become the favorites of this match. 

On the other side, Rajasthan lacks the bowlers who can support Jofra Archer in the bowling department. At the same time, the batting department is entirely dependent on the top three Jos Buttler, Steve Smith, and Sanju Samson. This dependency on individual players keeps the burden alive for RR, making them less favorite in this clash against Delhi. 

Prediction on the most six-hitting batter:

Along with the strong cricketing muscles, Marcus Stoinis has this best reflex to adapt to the different kind of deliveries at the death overs. This manufactures magnificent maximum runs from this hulky Australian. The position and slot he gets into bat for his team give him extreme freedom to go over the fielders. Since he’s been playing for a long time even after the pandemic conditions, this Aussie all-rounder looks too suitable for this UAE conditions. The power he could extract is something unique that doesn’t allow the bowlers to bowl with their mental strength. As RR has innocuous spinners on their side, Marcus Stoinis might be the best option to get in the middle overs, and it will fetch him more opportunities for him to go over the fence. 

Prediction on Man of the match

Marcus Stoinis, with his three-dimensional contribution to his team. Especially in Sharjah, if the Australian walks into the middle with six to seven overs spare, then he will be the most dangerous thing for the opponent’s int he field. The hulky Australian can do wonders if he gets on a roll. The smaller dimensions of Sharjah provide even more chances for Stoinis to be on top. With his power, even a mishit shot may go out of the park. Bowling wise, Stoinis can reap fruit by scalping the key wickets of the opponent team. The mix of pace and the varieties in his bowling stands tall as a barricade for opponent batters. All these factors combine for Marcus Stoinis to be the man of the match in this clash. 

To sum up

Delhi Capitals are too good for the struggling Rajasthan Royals at the moment. Rajasthan needs to bring in their ace all-rounder Ben Stokes to make a significant comeback. Their core needs to be set right to win the in- form Delhi Capitals.

Match 22 – SRH vs KXIP: Betting Predictions

With the tournament is getting into an exciting phase, KXIP is in the midst of nowhere. They haven’t reaped productive fruit so far in this tournament, apart from their opening batters’ heroic performances. On the other side, SRH, with their new approach to the T20 game, is still waiting to prove their match-winning ability. 

Without much ado, let’s get into predictions for the Match No.22 of IPL 2020: SRH vs KXIP.

Prediction on the top run-scorer.

Nicholas Pooran is monstrous along the leg side. The Punjab team’s opening pair makes his work even easier as he always likes to go against the opponent bowlers. Again, Nicholas Pooran made some phenomenal shots in the last match, especially the six he made of Sam Curran’s stock delivery towards the mid-wicket region showed what kind of a power hitter Pootan is. But the West Indian wicket-keeper failed to pull his team over more than deserved score. The way he played the spinners throughout the tournament showed us a hint of how brutal he can be against the spin bowlers. He isn’t a great batter against the speed that clocks north of 140 kph continuously. Even though SRH possesses Rashid Khan in the middle overs, Nicholas Pooran looks the best batter to make more runs in this match with the bat. 

Prediction on top wicket-taker

Rashid Khan is making a strong statement through this tournament. Rashid Khan is more of a finger spinner than a wrist spinner. His unique skill set and the match-winning attitude changed how the leg spinners are looked at in the T20s. His mysteries conquered the T20 tournaments around the globe. At the age of 20, his impressive stint with Sunrisers Hyderabad in 2017 and 2018 took him places. And, in the International stage, he literally ruled the T20 records of the 2010s. The Afghan leg-spinner’s racy shoot to fame on the International arena has put his nation into the cricketing world’s limelight. Technically, Rashid Khan’s strengths are his fast hands and sharp turns. He is someone who bowls more googly than the leg breaks. If you look at his bowling in a close watch, you could find out that he approaches all his variations differently. The grip, the release, and the body alignment changes according to the variety he prefers to bowl. All these factors combine together to be a greater obstacle to play against the mighty batting of KXIP. 

Prediction on Who will win the match?

Batting wise, SRH does not possess the aggressive intent like the one they had in the last three seasons. The top-order batters are fine with their job. But still, the steam is lacking with David Warner and Johnny Bairstow. They don’t mean to go on top in the power play overs. They are found to restrict their stroke making to build on some bug innings. Furthermore, the middle order is lacking the intention to make a massive score on board. They have got an experienced player Kane Williamson down in the middle, and his not so good form is worrying for SRH. 

Meanwhile, KXIP has the better top-order batting in this season. But still, the batters who come down in the middle aren’t doing an effective job. They need to pull the innings with even more power. Glenn Maxwell is not finding the middle of the bat. At the same time, Sarfaraz Khan is groping for the right touch. KL Rahul, Mayank Agarwal, and Nicholas Pooran are behaving as the core for the team. Maybe bringing in Chris Gayle at the top might solve the middle order issue. 

In the bowling department, SRH is hugely better than that of KXIP. SRH got Rashid Khan and TNatarajan, who find the red spots of every batter who plays them. Batting is never comfortable against these two bowlers who are making every ball count. Incase of KXIP, even the mighty Mohammed Shami, has become expensive at times. Their spinners have become innocuous, and that helps the opposing batters to go strong. So all these factors favor SRH. 

Prediction on the most six-hitting batter:

KL Rahul, with his new ball batting, is setting a new trend with a wide variety of shots. His shot-making offers him more number of runs. Especially when KL settles, the shots that would come out are unimaginable. Rashid Khan can be a factor for Rahul to lose his josh, but the smart cricketer won’t go against the Afghan wristy. 

The one drop batter of KXIP is even more aggressive. Especially with his lofted shots over the mid-wicket region. Nicholas Pooran can convert any good ball into a bad ball by his light footwork. He can make a good length delivery into a just quick delivery with his quickfire backfoot move. This comes so naturally to him. And these elements make him the right candidate to make most of the sixes in this match. 

Prediction on Man of the match

Nicholas Pooran makes the best sound in knocking down this man of the match. His current form in this tournament plays a leading role. 

Other than that, David Warner looks to have a fine touch. The batting has wholly changed. He has added more responsibility to it. His lightning speed in the running between the wicket and his quick-handed pull shots to send the balls above the roofs of the mighty Australian grounds acts as the testament for his brawniness. David Warner is always a fascinating player when he finds the ball in the middle of the ball. Above all, his running between the wicket pays him off most of the time. He has got a wide range of shots. And that makes him the lethal batsman to bowl for. On facing the spinners who spin it towards him, would make his job even more comfortable to go over the fence. So this match against Punjab would set him a better path to get back on to his form. 

To sum up

Overall, SRH looks more experienced, and the responsibility shown by KXIP except for the top three batters is less compared to the Hyderabad players. This makes SRH a better side to win this game. 

Match 21 – CSK vs KKR: Betting Predictions

The IPL 2020 is getting interesting every day as the teams have got adapted to the situations now. The real fight of the champions has begun as MI and CSK have returned to their winning habit.

CSK, which has just got rid of the last place in the point table, looks like they have switched to the next gear. Their top-order batting became sharp again, but still, the middle order needs to be tested. On the other end, KKR is pushed to the point where they need to use Eoin Morgan and Andre Russell. With both of these teams getting into a big clash, we are sure that it will be fascinating to witness the titans’ clash. 

Without much ado, let’s get into predictions for the Match No.18 of IPL 2020: CSK vs KKR. 

Prediction on the top run-scorer.

Faf Du Plessis is in an incredible form. His contribution to his Chennai side is making a massive difference for the yellow team. The opening slot has made Faf even more confident, and it provides him time to settle on the conditions. With Shane Watson has got back to his form, a significant burden on Faf’s shoulder has been taken down through the Australian’s last match innings. The partnership between Shane and Faf has got the josh now to ignite from the start. Above all, the intention to make quick runs during the power play is out there between the two. This eventually makes the more consistent Faf as a favorite for this clash against KKR once again. Faf, who is now a better player of spin bowling, will have all the shots to defend and attack the most potent spin attack from KKR. 

Shubhman Gill from the KKR side has a point to prove now in this edition. With already made two specialist knocks for his team, Gill must be looking to make a strong statement against the mighty CSK. The best thing about Shubhman Gill is his shot selections. The way he can manufacture runs with the bowler’s stock deliveries makes him lethal with the new ball batting. With CSK lacking the steam in the spinners department, Shubhman Gill can be the best player for this condition to score more runs against CSK for KKR. 

Prediction on top wicket-taker

The costliest buy of this season, Pat Cummins, is slowly getting back to his business of wicket-taking in this tournament. Throughout his career, Pat Cummins has been slammed to the ground several times, but what makes him such an exceptional human being is that he has retaliated every time with an enormous leap. His strong character would bring him on top of the wicket-takers list. Pat Cummins is currently at the 6th spot in the wicket-takers list of this IPL edition, with seven wickets so far in the 5 matches he played. As Shane Watson is going to open the innings of CSK, Pat Cummins, being an Australian, knew what to do to get him out in the early stage of his innings. At last, The speed of Pat Cummins might speak against the team in yellow. 

Deepak Chahar is making the ball move more than other seam bowlers do with the new ball. The beauty lies within both the way swing bowling. KKR’s opening pinch hitter Sunil Narine needs to face this Indian fast bowler more carefully because Deepak Chahar is the apt bowler to make it so challenging for the West Indian mystery bowler. 

Prediction on Who will win the match?

With their big win against KXIP, Chennai Super Kings is too good for KKR in the current scenario. The Chennai based franchise was waiting for the moment after they lost it in their second match. As they have the momentum right now, we can expect the yellow team’s unquenchable positivity in this match. 

KKR, with their loss in the big run-scoring match in Sharjah, needs to look back at their strategies in bowling. Even with the bat, their top order needs more push. The middle-order big-hitters Eoin Morgan and Andre Russell are free from chasing the crept up run rate. It gives automatic pressure to their big hitters when they are asked to make 15 runs per over during the start of their innings. This needs to be taken- care of by the top order batters Shubhman Gill, Sunil Narine, Nitish Rana, and Dinesh Karthik. While Shubhman and Nitish are found to generate the run rate for KKR, the other two’s form, DK’s and Narine’s current form in the game is not working out well for the Kolkata based franchise. If these things are looked after well, KKR is directly into this competition, with their bowlers doing a pretty good job except that of their last match in Sharjah. 

CSK again needs to keep their right eye on the bowling department, which leaks runs so easily. Most importantly, the fielding, which got better in the last match, needs to continue. 

Prediction on the most six-hitting batter:

With his high handle grip and plenty of range hitting shots, Eoin Morgan puts himself right on top of this list. He can be the batter who can hit more sixes in an inning if the opponent team lets him settle. The flexible hip work of Eoin Morgan is too much suffice for making even the more challenging deliveries of the bowlers into the stands, which are covered with colorful banners in this edition. 

Andre Russell, the monstrous hitter of the cricket ball, is not in good form to go more than one or two sixes in an innings so far. But one thing is sure. When he gets his middle right on the head of the ball, he will be like magic made in heaven. No one can stop him. Any delivery within his arc would touch the roofs of Abu Dhabi stadium. 

Prediction on Man of the match

With so much improved bowling, Pat Cummins, when compared to KKR’s first match in this edition, would look to reap the fruit that would be more useful for the Kolkata-based franchise. Being a new bowler, he automatically grabs the opportunity to make the initial breakthroughs. And his death over bowling guarantees us to witness him scalping the middle-order batters of the opponent team. Furthermore, his pinch-hitting routine, along with Eoin Morgan, would be the best watch for any KKR fan. As he is also on a good form in batting, this hulky Australian might be the match-winner for this game. 

To sum up

Eventually, CSK, with its impressive win over KXIP, made a strong statement that they are stepping into their next match as favorites. Meanwhile, KKR needs a lot of discipline in the batting department to make a tough fight against CSK.

Match 20: MI vs RR: Betting Predictions

The bowlers are getting bruises from every day of this tournament. Bowling never seems easy at the current conditions of UAE. And on the other side, Batters are becoming a nightmare for bowlers with their heavy swords. 

The team which bowls well would win the game with ease as the batting has become so comfortable. Making a hundred runs within a span of six overs are frequently made possible in this tournament. 

This batting dominating edition of IPL will witness another tough fight between the champions Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals. 

Without getting into many build-ups, let’s get into predictions for the Match No.19 of IPL 2020: MI vs RR.

Prediction on the top run-scorer.

Steven Smith has got two failures in the last two matches. He wasn’t making a start, which Rajasthan Royals wanted to have. Maybe his combination with Jos Buttler is not working well for his mindset. But still, his slot as an opener is the right position for him to come in and bat for more times in an innings. It gives him time to get on a roll. But the problem is RR is possessing two or three other batters for this opening slot where Smithy can come to his usual one drop position. So this match will be crucial for the Aussie batter to stick in with this position. The strong bowling line up of Mumbai Indians won’t be bigger trouble for Steve Smith as he is a master tactician of using the loose balls of the bowlers. 

On the other hand, Rohit Sharma has failed in the last match, which was held at the venue known for its high scoring nature. This would have made him ready to right the wrong with another stunning knock. Except for Jofra Archer, the other bowlers Rajasthan team are kind of easy picks for Steve Smith, and that makes him one of the favourites to score more runs in this clash. 

Prediction on top wicket-taker

Jofra Archer is lethal, and he is the same in UAE conditions too. He has this habit of clocking speed above 140 kmph so consistently. The release of the ball is so divine so that the ball is getting the extra nip even from the feather belt UAE wickets. The process of wicket-taking hasn’t done well so far for Archer in this edition. The way he restricts runs is what makes him more precious for Rajasthan. Since he will play against the stars-filled MI team, Mumbai’s batters won’t be thinking of playing him safely. They usually go for runs against any bowler in the death overs. Especially Kieron Pollard and Hardik Pandya, they both will try to knock on Archer’s over. This, in turn, creates Archer the opportunity to scalp more wickets during the penultimate over. 

Jasprit Bumrah, the Indian speedster, has overcome the low he was having during the start of this season. He has become inexpensive again with his excellent thought process. As he has the habit of scalping the critical wickets of opponents, this match against Rajasthan Royals, which contains their crucial wickets at the top of the order, might make Bumrah a handy pick with the new ball. 

Prediction on Who will win the match?

Looking upon the batting cards of both the teams, Mumbai Indians are way ahead of Rajasthan Royals based on the team strength. Mumbai’s first five batters are so strong and experienced. They have gone through many pressure situations and have won the situations most of the time. Meanwhile, Rajasthan’s core batters are inexperienced as their too order batters Steve Smith, Jos Buttler, and Sanju Samson, match winners. The entire responsibility of the batting department lies in them. So, comparatively, Mumbai Indians are much stronger than the Rajasthan Royals batting department. 

Bowling wise, currently, Mumbai Indians are the best only next Delhi capitals, team. The bowlers of Delhi are in good form, and that makes the difference. The two pacers from South Africa and the two Indian opposite spinners have become a great combination in restricting the opponents’ runs. 

In the meanwhile, Mumbai Indians aren’t comfortable with the form of their bowlers. Anyone among the six steps forward to guide their troops home in the last four games. So Mumbai has these tactics to manage a game even though their bowlers aren’t in good shape with bowling. 

On looking at the whole comparisons, Mumbai is ahead of the pink team in this match.

Prediction on the most six-hitting batter:

You cannot leave the name of Hardik Pandya on this list whenever Mumbai plays their matches. Hardik, with his immense hitting skill, is always a dangerous batter against all types of bowlers. The power he could generate with his enormous bat swing makes him so unique. With Rajasthan isn’t possessing experienced spinners in their list of players, Hardik would be ready to roar against their spinners. If Hardik gets on a roll, then even Jofra Archer won’t be left alone from the brutal hits of Hardik Pandya. 

Kieron Pollard, the death over partner for Hardik, is another giant hitter of the cricket ball. His recent performances speak a lot about the impact he could bring into his side. With his monstrous six-hitting ability, he can take down any bowler when he is in fine touch with his bat swings. 

So with the specialization of six-hitting, both Hardik Pandya and Kieron Pollard are once again stepping in as the favourites to hit more sixes in this match. 

Prediction on Man of the match

Kieron Pollard, with his three-dimensional contribution, can be handy against the men in pink. His insane aggression in the death overs, restricting bowling during the middle overs, and his magnificent fielding in the downtown make him the most valuable player for the Mumbai side. If Pollard manages to perform half of his total potential, he is a sure pick for grabbing the player’s award of this game. 

To sum up

Eventually, Mumbai Indians are too good for Rajasthan Royals. And this pushes Rajasthan to a situation where they must produce an extraordinary contribution from their side to be in the game and win it from Mumbai’s mighty. 

Match 19 – DC vs RCB: Betting Predictions

IPL 2020 is becoming more exciting as the matches pass by so fastly. We are witnessing some real cricket that is played only by champions of champions. 

With all the great going on this IPL, the two attention creating teams of this edition will lock horns in Dubai to prove which is better than which. 

As Kohli’s red team is taking against the blue Delhi team in this match, it currently competes for the top spot in the table. 

Without so much build-up, let’s get into predictions for the Match No.18 of IPL 2020: RCB vs DC.

Prediction on the top run-scorer.

Virat Kohli has left out his six-month hiatus with a match-winning knock in the previous match against Rajasthan Royals. And now it’s time for him to improvise the touch he has got after three matches failure. It was seen that Virat was so fluent with the spin bowlers in the last match. But the spin bowlers of Delhi Ravichandran Ashwin and Amit Mishra are way ahead from the naive Shreyas Gopal, Rahul Tiwetia, and Riyan Parag. Kohli has to burn a lot more calories to score against the in-form Delhi bowlers. The fascinating thing is the venue. As Dubai is known for its larger dimensions, we can witness more quick singles and twos from the ever- fit Virat Kohli. The speedsters of Delhi Kagiso Rabada and Anrich Nortje are going to be trouble-makers for RCB. Still, King Kohli has his formulas to outwin the pace attack effortlessly. 

Shreyas Iyer, the skipper of Delhi Capitals, is in the form of his life. His international exposure before this year’s IPL is paying off. He knows the route to make runs for his side. Taking responsibility has become his routine. Therefore ge will be a sure pick for this match against RCB to score more runs. 

Prediction on top wicket-taker

Yuzvendra Chahal is doing wonders with his precious spin bowling. This bowler’s attitude is enough to pick those significant breakthroughs that other bowlers are finding it so difficult to do. He has got his trajectory right in this tournament, and through that, he is making the batters to pay for scoring runs against him. Dot balls put pressure straight away on the batters, which would cause the batters to make errors, and this RCBian wrist spinner is doing precisely the job of scalping wickets. He has become the go-to bowler for Virat in this season, and this brings in an outstanding balance to the bold red team. 

Anrich Nortje, the deadly speedster of Delhi Capitals, is speaking with his pace. The pace is so challenging for the batters to handle as he does it consistently. Delhi Capitals has become even healthier with this express speedster commitment towards his work. As he also comes up with death-over bowling, this Proteas bowler’s wicket-taking ability looks so good. Since most batters don’t like to take the lead over Kagiso Rabada, Anrich Nortje naturally finds the batters trying to hit him without proper planning. And this acts as the mantra for Anrich Nortje to perform well under these batting favored situations. 

Prediction on Who will win the match?

DC is good with the bat and also with their bowlers. At the same time, RCB is struggling with their bowling department. In poor bowling, the batters have also felt the pressure to keep up with the creeping run rates. 

Batting wise Delhi Capitals is possessing a young team that plays modern-day cricket to impact the board. Any settled batter among the top 5 of their batting lineup would make them comfortable with more than a decent score on the board. 

Meanwhile, RCB is getting from the grey area to the white. With Virat Kohli got back his divine touch, RCB is now tension free as their ace middle-order batters Virat Kohli and AB De Villiers will be getting on roll frequently, hereafter. 

Comparing the bowling department, Delhi Capitals is possessing so much variation. And their death over bowling stands tall compared to all other teams of this IPL. Kudos to the Proteas speedsters for that. 

Delhi looks stronger in comparing all these factors, and this venue won’t bring much difference to their continuous match-winning performance in this tournament. 

Prediction on the most six-hitting batter:

AB De Villiers is fine with the position he walks in. The only barrier would be Amit Mishra, who can bemuse the Proteas superstar with his variations. Other than that, ABD is the right choice to meet the South African express pacers Kagiso Rabada and Anrich Nortje of Delhi Capitals during the penultimate over. The 360-degree batter of RCB knows about every nook and corner of the ground because of his wide range of shots. With the same intensity of hitting the ball in the straight, he can do it all over the park when needed the most, which makes him at the top of this predictable list. 

Shreyas Iyer, who has just now made such impactful innings in Sharjah, will be looking to make a similar performance in other venues. With his power spin hitting ability, he can be the dangerous batter of IPL against spinners. He picks the line and length so naturally, which makes him the exponent of this six-hitting job. 

Prediction on Man of the match

Virat Kohli has moved out of his unusual lousy form. The six-month hiatus and the failure in the first three matches would have pushed him to a particular stage where he is currently in the hunger of getting too many runs in the kit. With such an attitude and unimaginable fitness level, Virat can once again impact his bat for his team. He knew the formula to play the speedsters of Delhi Capitals, while Ashwin won’t be bigger trouble, Amit Mishra would be played safely by India’s skipper. 

To Sum Up

Eventually, this match will be a great test between the best in the business currently. Both the teams are marching forward with a win to this clash. Even though RCB is filled with a star-studded lineup DC is filled with young guns who easily got adapted to these conditions, which puts them the favorites for this match. 

Match 17 – MI vs SRH: Betting Predictions

By winning the previous matches, both the sides MI and SRH, step in this match with more positives. With the tournament getting ignited by the batters, the smallest venue of this edition, Sharjah has once again got ready to showcase this edition’s high scoring match. But, this time it’s going to be the best vs the best. 

With four matches played by both these teams, they have just felt the heat of the points table. So the results of every match of now would be a bigger thing as they will decide the fate of the teams in this season. 

Without much ado, let’s get into predictions for the Match No.15 of IPL 2020: MI vs SRH.

Prediction on the top run-scorer.

Rohit Sharma, the skipper himself, seems to be in great touch in this tournament. So far, two fifties in four games he played in this edition. When it comes to taking on responsibility, Rohit Sharma is an exponent of it. At this crucial stage of the tournament, Rohit will be the best choice to pick for making a massive advantage of the venue that is popularly known for its small dimensions. Apart from that factor, the SRH bowling style will also favor MI skills, which comes first for MI. As Bhuvaneshwar Kumar seems to have fitness issues, the new ball bowling looks less competitive for the ace Indian vice-captain. The only thing that might trouble Rohit might be the middle overs, where Rashid Khan will roll his wrists. If Rohit plays him carefully, Rohit can be unstoppable at the death overs with Sharjah’s boundaries are very small. 

Again the threatening Hardik Pandya would be a man to watch-out, especially in these conditions. He is fit and has got the combination of timing and power. With the last match cameo managing an unbeaten 30 runs for his side, Hardik would also be a top pick for MI’s clash against SunRisers Hyderabad. 

Prediction on top wicket-taker

The chances of MI spinners aren’t so great in this small ground. Even the mishit shots of the batters will take the ball over the ropes of Sharjah ground. Speed can be a big mantra on this condition. This makes the lethal speedster of the Indian team even more favorite. Jasprit Bumrah’s release makes him more special for the Mumbai side. ‘Hitting the deck so hard’ is what we can see from the man- Jasprit Bumrah. He has got all the variations to outwin the opponent batters. Bumrah, with his high arm release and the use of wide crease, has been a natural manufacturer of inswingers. Consequently, the MI seamer went on to become a deadly customer for the right-handed batters with his inswingers targeting the stumps at the speed clicking above 140 kmph. Since used well by Mumbai’s skipper, he is the best option for picking the most number of wickets in this clash against SRH. 

Rashid Khan’s restricting bowling method makes him more productive. The dimensions of the ground don’t matter when this Afghan spinner does the trick with his wrist. Having five different variations, Rashid is now back with his mystery of picking wickets. His last two matches would have shown the hint of what kind of form he is in now. 

Prediction on Who will win the match?

Mumbai Indians, with their star-studded lineup, stands tall in this high-octane entertainment providing match in Sharjah. The coaching brains of Mumbai Indians would have planned for this particular match. The blue team is filled with match-winners, which is another plus for Mumbai above the orange team. 

Batting wise, you cannot restrict the batters of Mumbai. Their top order is filled with classy batters while the middle order batters are completely brutal at hitting. Most importantly, the middle order batters who most probably plays the penultimate overs are turbocharged currently. The way they ended up the last two matches showed us what magic the batters could do if they settle in UAE grounds. 

Coming to the bowling department, with James Pattinson, Trent Boult, and Jasprit Bumrah, this team is filled with match winners. They can do wonders if they get on a roll. 

In terms of SRH batting, the top order till the number four is experienced, anyone batter among the four gets settled on their day, they can guide their troops home. 

SRH has got good names in bowling because of the success of Rashid Khan. He has become the identity for SRH now. T Natarajan has become a precious gem for SRH to bring in top-class deliveries in the middle and death overs. Bhuvaneshwar Kumar being affected by some issues, his presence in this match is a doubt. 

On comparing the strengths of both the teams, Mumbai looks so strong for the Hyderabad team. Which, in turn, obviously makes MI the favorites of this match. 

Prediction on the most six-hitting batter:

Kieron Pollard can slog the ball effortlessly if the ball pitches within his arc. The Mumbai based team is now bolstered with the current form of this West Indian. Be it spinners or lethal pace speedsters; this hulky batter has got the dangerous bat swing that can send the ball over the roofs. As the ground is so small for Pollard, this match will be eye catching when this West Indian bats in the last overs. 

With his pure hard hitting nature, Hardik Pandya is the toughest batter to bowl to, especially in this little ground. He can whack it at the last minute. No matter how good a spinner, this Indian all-rounder knows how to take the lead over them. With the fast bowlers, the ball travels even more further. 

Prediction on Man of the match

Rohit Sharma will take up the responsibility of the conditions that will be so favorable for batting. He needs to find the sweet spot during the initial stage of his innings, and the latter part of his innings will be taken care of by his pure timing of the ball. Being the skipper, he has already stood in front of his side, so that we can expect the same with even more contribution. Nothing gets more significant than Rohit playing a gritty knock on a Sunday. 

To sum up

On the whole, the Mumbai based team is more robust than SRH in all three departments. The adaptability element of Mumbai puts even more advantages for Rohit’s side. Therefore, this match is going to favor the men in blue.