The Dream 11 IPL 2020 in UAE is now in the stage where the wickets are slowly getting tired. The batters are feeling some difficulties in getting the ball in the sweet spot. The pitches are making the ball stick to it for a fraction of second when it is pitched. With so much happening with the points table, this match between SRH and RR is going to be a crucial clash for RR more than SRH to make a move in the points table.

Without much ado, let’s get into predictions for the Match No.26 of IPL 2020: SRH vs RR.

Prediction on the top run-scorer.

David Warner has made a magnificent impact on his side’s line up in the last match with his outstanding innings. It is one of the significant innings in this tournament. The partnership that raised between Jonny Bairstow and the SRH skipper against the struggling Kings XI Punjab team sets an example for a controlled opening partnership. It was good to see Warner maintaining the rhythm of his new approach till the end of the innings. He was working through the game plan. And it will still work as David Warner is now wholly a team player, on the way to fulfil the demands from his team he would reach boundaries laid so quickly.

Most importantly, Rajasthan’s spinners Shreyas Gopal and Rahul Tewatia, both being the spinners who would bring the ball towards the left-hander, would never be a bother for David Warner. In looking at the fast bowlers, there had been some new additions in the name of Varun Aaron and Andrew Tye in Rajasthan’s last match they were too quick and accurate. Fortunately, David Warner, being an Aussie batter, was made to face such bowlers in the midst. This eventually makes David Warner a tough customer for Rajasthan Royals. 

From Rajasthan’ side, Jos Buttler is always a batter who needs to prove his skill sets now and then. The English wicket-keeper has got failure in the last match. He wasn’t making a start, which Rajasthan Royals wanted to have in their previous game. Maybe the UAE wickets are making a rigid syllabus for an English batter is not working well. But still, this match against SRH is a chance to bring back his stellar performance like the one he does against the relentless Mumbai Indians bowling attack. The dependency of RR on their top order is still increasing, but it won’t be a bigger thing to think for Jos Buttler, because he has got the free flow batting style. 

Prediction on top wicket-taker

Rashid Khan is once again making an extraordinary come-back to his wicket-taking process. Naturally, batters never plan to go against this Afghan wristy. But the UAE wickets are manufacturing a tremendous pressure on the batters to boost up the run rate often, especially while chasing the target. And that makes Rashid Khan more lethal in the second bowling. The variations from this leg spinner getting updated every day.

Most importantly, it makes the batters to get bemused in the middle. At times, even though the batters aren’t making an effort to slog Rashid Khan harder, the magic wrist of Rashid Khan is doing wonders to get through the gateway of the batter’s defence. These elements, along with its current form, automatically makes the Afghan bowler a fine choice to pick the most number of wickets in this clash against Rajasthan Royals. 

Jofra Archer, with his lethal pace, is continuously making a strong statement in feather belt UAE wickets. His restricting bowling has got into the next step by picking the critical scalps in the middle overs. Above all, the length the England bowler bowls to prevent the providings of the room from swinging the bat for the batsmen. 

Prediction on Who will win the match?

Let’s talk about the batting of both the teams first. Rajasthan is struggling with some imbalance at their engine room. Talks are going about Ben Stokes’ arrival. If it happens, then there is a considerable balance in the making. The two stellar top-order batters Steve Smith and Sanju Samson have lost in the middle of nowhere. They were groping for the form they were having at the start of this tournament. Other than that, Jos Buttler looks okay with his condition. The middle-order suffering is costing a considerable price for the Rajasthan team.

Meanwhile, SRH is also facing the same issue. The core needs to be vital to bring its total from 150 to 200 runs. They have a better top 3, David Warner, Jonny Bairstow and Manish Pandey. But the problem lies with the middle order, where Kane Williamson is still exploring the new slot he’s been given. 

With the bowling, Rajasthan is entirely over Jofra Archer’s speed. Other than that, Rahul Tewatia was right in the last match. If Ben Stokes comes in, then the attack would be expected to be more balanced. 

The batters cannot quickly go hard against the SRH bowling attack. They have Rashid Khan, who is extremely strong in the wicket-taking process. Apart from Rashid, what’s more, fascinating is the way T Natarajan is bowling. The yorkers, the slower balls and the cutters of Natarajan are making a new brand for the left-arm seamers. 

Looking at the strengths and weaknesses of both the side, the Hyderabad based team is the favourite of this clash. 

Prediction on the most six-hitting batter

Jonny Bairstow has a terrific six-hitting ability. The hint he was showing for the last two who can be a game-changer with the bat of IPL proves that he is yet another batter who can be a game-changer. The on the rise shots of Bairstow makes him a tough customer in the powerplay overs. The way he picks up the length of the spinners is the unique factor he has got facing Rashid Khan in the nets. Above all the other factors, his bottom hand domination is the key to his brutal hits. Considering the current form of Jonny Bairstow, he is the front line runner for hitting more number of sixes in this match. 

Prediction on Man of the match

David Warner never misses fetching his name in this list of the man of the match winners when he gets in a roll. Especially in the current form, he is in now. When a batsman contains three to five shots for a single delivery, he becomes impenetrable for bowlers in the shorter format. In that sense, Warner can always find places in the field to take the lead with his wide range of shots. With Jonny Bairstow having made a heroic performance in front of the skipper, David Warner might now be ready to roar with his high-quality skills. And that makes him the lethal batsman to bowl for. On facing the RR spinners who spin it towards him, would make his job even more comfortable to go over the fence. So Rajasthan Royals must give their right eye on the skipper of SRH in this clash. 

To Sum up

Even though Rajasthan is excited about the return of Ben Stokes, it is SRH which is currently in the position to win this game. They knew this route very well and with their batters and bowlers making so much impactful contribution, SRH has the upper hand to win this match.