RCB has got a Great Balance this time: Virat Kohli

The Indian skipper, who has been captaining Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL, has felt that his side is well balanced this time since the edition of 2016.

“We’ve got a great balance of experience,” said Virat Kohli in the bold diaries, a show conducted by RCB on its youtube channel. 

“The skill required for T20 cricket and the youngsters in the team who are eager to take up the responsibility and look forward to opportunities that we’re going to provide them,It’s an exciting time.As I said, that 2016 season which we’ve all loved to be a part of, it was such a memorable season. “

Since the IPL 2020 was shifted to UAE, every team had to travel to UAE a month before the tournament begins. This has let more time for the players to get adapted to the typical hot conditions of the UAE. 

Speaking of AB De Villiers, and himself, Virat was sure about the miraculous things that might happen as it happened in 2016.

“We definitely feel it will, because we’ve never felt so calm going into a season before. He [de Villiers] is coming from a very different space, he’s been enjoying his life, is relaxed. He came out to play and is looking like playing in 2011 still – he’s as fit as ever. I’m in a much better space, more balanced when it comes to the IPL environment. “

RCB is a dominant batting team with more prominent names in it. Still, they didn’t manage to grab the IPL title once. This baggage at their shoulders is getting snowballed for every season. And at present, they are certainly at a point to cut-off the weightage. 

“It’s about disconnecting with things that have happened in the past and not taking that baggage. We’ve done that way too many times. Just because we have a bunch of players who are so skilled and people like seeing them play, that’s why people have had expectations. We’re not going to think of what-ifs, we know what we can do, we’re very keen and hungry to do it.”

It was the balance that Virat Kohli spoke earlier. Even though the bold red team had Virat Kohli, ABD, Chris Gayle, and some short time cameos of Shane Watson, Brendon Mccullum, and Tilakaratne Dilshan, weren’t any finisher role players to capitalize the start produced by these legends. Death overs have always been a problem for the red team, even at bowling. There wasn’t a particular bowler to pick up the ball to bowl the penultimate over. 

The team that they have picked for this edition seems like they can over all of these limitations. It is very well balanced now. And it can suit the conditions much better. With only three venues available, the skipper of RCB feels it might provide much recovery. Addedly, the skipper, thinks that these three venue conditions would slash out the home-away advantage. 

“In the IPL, the biggest challenge used to be travel,” Virat said.

“You pack your bags for a two-match trip, three-match trip, you come back and it’s hectic. It is more of a level-playing field now. Three venues and every team would know the conditions. It boils down to the skill-level rather than the home-away advantage. Competition will be even and high because of this factor.”

Travelling is typical stuff you cannot avoid. Too much travel can affect the mental health of the players. As it got only three venues, which isn’t too far on comparing to Indian venues, the franchise will have the benefit of lesser travels.

Above all, speaking of the RBB’ on-field opportunities, it seems relatively higher for this time as they have many new matches- winners to their side. Especially the core of the team has got bolstered. So, as Virat said, it will be an excellent opportunity for the bold red team, considering the factors he mentioned.