Battle of the beasts. Both are known for their massive line-ups with the captain and vice-captain of Indian team leading their teams from the front. A crucial stage for Virat Kohli who is pushed to a point to outwin the comments that came across his drop catches and failure in batting in the last two matches. 

RCB started their campaign with a terrific win, but the image got washed out when they lost with a huge margin against KXIP in their last match. On the other side, MI is different where they struggled in their inaugural game and came back on track with a comfortable win against KKR. 

As of now, this clash between the teams that are completely different from each other in terms of the culture will set the metre even higher for this IPL 2020. 

Without further ado, let’s get into predictions for the Match No.10 of IPL 2020: RCBvs MI. 

Prediction on the top run-scorer

The top-order batters of RCB would find it trouble-free in the early stage of their innings as they have to face the top-class fast bowlers of Mumbai at the start. On looking at the current form of the MI bowlers, the opponent batters would feel good to face the MI spinners in the middle overs rather than the effective pacers with the new ball. In that point of view, the middle order batters would have a better chance to meet the spinners in their early stage of the innings. 

In the Bangalore team, AB De Villiers seems to have this opportunity that we have mentioned above. He was finding some good time in the middle of the last two matches. For a player of such a divine calibre, this kind of small exposure in the early stage of the tournament is enough to make it count when they meet their special day with fashion. If ABD gets on a roll, no lethal bowlers could act as a barricade for this Proteas batter. On the whole, ABD is the better choice among the batters to score more runs in the heavy clash between the champion teams. 

Prediction on top wicket-taker

Trent Boult, who moves the ball effortlessly towards the right-handers with the new ball would be a haunting bowler for RCB. Because, both Aaron Finch and Virat Kohli are not so comfortable against the bowlers who bring the seam towards them in the early stage of their innings. And also, the death over bowling of Trent Boult has all the elements to reap more wickets as RCB has no choice other than scoring more runs if they bat first or to go hard to keep up with the asking rate. This, in turn, proves that Trent Boult is a tricky customer for the RCB batters. 

A tough competitor for Trent Boult from RCB side would be Yuzvendra Chahal. You cannot miss this name out of this category, especially with his form in this tournament. The courage to bowl loopy consistently makes him one of the favorites in this list. 

Prediction on Who will win the match?

Undoubtedly Mumbai Indians with their balanced approach looks so dominant. Every player of their team knows their role, and that makes the job of Rohit Sharma even easier. 

RCB has again fallen into the trap of leaking so much of runs. They have the international quality bowlers, but still, the trick is missed by a mile. They are not acting as a team when a batter bashes against them so aggressively. This makes a weak point for RCB. The runs the Bangalore team provide comes as a pressure creating factor when they walk into bat. Even though they have the world’s best T20 batters, they couldn’t afford to handle the pressure all the time. 

In the case of MI, there is no such issue. They work as a team. The bowlers knew how to overcome the bashing of a batter, and the batters make an equal contribution from their side. All these factors make MI to be predicted as winners of this mighty competition. 

Prediction on the most six-hitting batter:

Hardik Pandya. This gem, who is known for brutal hitting lately is in the urge to give some workload for his bats. Hardik creates momentum for his shots with his higher back. And that creates the more than necessary power for his big shots. Especially against spinners, his bat lift is even more elevated and effective. Even though Dubai ground is found to have longer front V- region boundaries, this Indian all-rounder won’t get trouble with it. On looking at the death over bowling of RCB, Hardik Pandya is predicted to hit more number of sixes in this clash. 

Other than Hardik, ABD has a greater chance to expose his deadly skill. He has done it for more number of times. And at this stage, where RCB is looking for a win, ABD’s service with his signature run making shots would be a great plus for the Bangalore based franchise. 

Prediction on Man of the match:

Batters are what is getting unstoppable in this tournament. Even though the run making job is not as easy in UAE as it was in India, the batters got adapted so easily to these conditions. 

Based on this batting factor, Rohit Sharma has found the theory here in UAE to make runs. He has his way of cricket. Once he learns the method, he becomes unstoppable. And that’s how he became an invisible player in white-ball cricket. As he has got this good number of runs in his last match, Rohit Sharma must be even sharper and afoot this time. Which, in turn, makes him the right candidate to be selected as the man of the match against RCB. 

Other than Rohit, ABD will have a better chance to claim this award with his match-winning skill against the lethal bowlers of MI. 

To sum up

Mumbai Indians, with their regular eleven, looks so comfortable while RCB is searching for loopholes to make some effective replacement. This itself shows which team is possessing the power to win this big game.