Match 7 – KKR vs SRH: Betting Predictions

Both SRH and KKR are in the urge to bring back themselves to the track as soon as possible. The management of both the teams wouldn’t have been pleased with how these two teams performed in their first match of the tournament. Obviously, both the teams need a maximum bang of bucks in this current situation, and that’s what their ardent fans are expecting too.

SRH toppled against RCB even though Johny Bairstow was prolific from his side. On the other side, KKR was not even in the chase with their top order batters unwilling to keep up with the asking run rate. The bowlers were not up to their mark on both occasions.

So, these done and dusted faults of the two standard sides have pushed them to erase everything with a fine win as they are going to lock horns in Abu Dhabi.

Without getting into more build-ups for this match, let’s get into predictions for the Match No.8 of IPL 2020: SRH vs KKR.

Prediction on the top run-scorer

David Warner was unfortunate in the last match. His way of dismissal behaved as an earth-shaking thing for the Hyderabad team. To be frank, the control of the game for SRH was slightly slipped with the way David Warner got dismissed.

The consistency factor in David Warner was something astonishing based on the stats. He was so consistent right after sporting the orange jersey of Hyderabad. With enough time spent with the bat in England, he is all set to showcase his feasting performance, and that’s when he got into the last match disaster. He is excellent in comebacks, and he has done it often in the past in all stages of his cricket life. On the whole, this hulky Australian opener is a sure bet for making for this clash against SRH.

Manish Pandey looks good in shape, and he was timing the ball really well in the last match. Next to David Warner, Manish Pandey is among the front runners to make most runs in this match.

Prediction on top wicket-taker

Sunil Narine is the prolific bowler for KKR for any time. His role in doing the collapses to the opponents has become even more precious as the other bowlers of KKR didn’t look too good with their touch. As Kuldeep Yadav became more expensive, it would automatically allow the batters to go against the other spinner, Sunil Narine. It will make Suni Narine a perfect choice to pick up the most number of wickets in this crucial contest that happens at Abu Dhabi.

Another tough customer for this role would be Bhuvaneshwar Kumar. He still got the point to prove in this tournament. He was good with the new ball in the last match. But he needs to reap more wickets in the early stage of an innings. The 30 years, old Indian bowler is filled with experience and new thoughts to be on top. So this match against the struggling KKR batters, who were searching for the flow in the batting, would reap the rewards he wishes to get most often.

Prediction on Who will win the match? 

With the team strength and last match’s performances, SRH seems to have the upper hand here. With the turbocharged David Warner still finding to go on top, this match would be on their side if David Warner gets on a roll.

Both teams are in need of breathing a sigh of relief with opening the account. A very tough fight for sure, with both the teams possessing high-class spinners who can turnaround the table in a single over.

But SRH possesses the batters who can tackle the spinners more productively. And also, KKR’s short ball strategies cannot be a right bet against SRH, which has David Warner, Jonny Bairstow, and Manish Pandey.

Above all, the leadership factor. David Warner has a better captaincy record, and his responsibility towards his team is much more compared to that of Dinesh Karthik.

Prediction on the most six-hitting batter:

Andre Russell, who else can beat this man for this role if he gets on a fine touch. The UAE wickets will have the tests for the West Indian all-rounder. These feather belt wickets of UAE are not so apt for brutal hitting in the penultimate overs. A batsman needs to spend time on these wickets to adapt to them. Andre Russell was struggling to fund the sweet spot of his bat in the last match. His current mentality about this game and his previous heroics against these teams would make him come back to his track quickly.

Another competitor for this most sixes role would be the skipper of SRH, David Warner. The pull shot of David Warner has always been an eye-catching. The way he transforms his weight to his back leg was something so natural. And these slower wickets would provide him even more fraction of seconds to get on to the spot. Not only back-foot shots, but his lofted straight drives against the spinners are also the trademark shot of this Australian opener. So, by having a wide range of shots against pacers and spinners, David Warner stands as a greater choice for making the most number of sixes in this match.

Prediction on Man of the match:

Sunil Narine can play a pivotal role for KKR for their match against SRH. As SRH was not so effective with their new-ball bowling, Sunil Narine won’t find it difficult to go above the ring of 30 yards in the initial stage. And at the same time, his bowling is still found to be tricky. If KKR posts some decent total on board, Sunil Narine would be the most challenging customer for the SRH batters.

David Warner will be the first choice for this prediction of achieving the man of the match award as he adapts to these sub-continent kinds of conditions so well. And this match can be a starter for this Australian as KKR bowlers aren’t found to be gritty except Sunil Narine.

To sum up

Overall, SRH’s chances are looking so bright with some alterations in the fast bowling department. They need to be even more aggressive to win a T20 game. If it happens so with the batters getting more productive, this will be a tough fight in which SRH will step in as the favorites.

Match 7 – CSK vs DC: Betting Predictions

CSK have become streaky with the loss against Rajasthan Royals. Their bowling wasn’t up to the mark as they have bowled against MI in the first match. Spinners were helpless, and they were letting so much damage as Sanju Samson was slogging as far as he can. CSK is in need of a convincing win right now. 

On the other side, Delhi Capitals, with its Indian batting line up looks so solid with their first win against KXIP. Kagiso Rabada has done his magic to claim the first victory for Delhi. This puts them a comfortable side to step into the next match of their campaign. But this clash will be so pivotal for Delhi as they will face all-time favourites of this IPL tournament. 

Without further ado, let’s get into the betting predictions for Match No.7 of IPL 2020: CSK vs DC.

Prediction on the top run-scorer

The young skipper of Delhi based franchise looks so good to be a big part of this match. He proves to be both a hitter and a tactical batter who can run between the wicket like a running machine with his astonishing six-hitting ability. For CSK, Shreyas Iyer is a tricky customer as they lack the touch in their spin department. Even the front line fast bowlers do not seem to be in a good flow; this puts Shreyas an excellent opportunity to exhibit more of his skillsets. 

Another competitor for the most run-scorer will be Faf Du Plessis. The Rabada attack won’t be a big task for this proteas batsman as he would have faced him plenty of time in the South African practice camp. Apart from that, the South African skipper has been so prolific for the yellow side. His spin ball batting has improved a lot, as we have witnessed in the last two matches. His gritty knock for CSK will continue, and as of now, there is no barrier from DC. 

Prediction on top wicket-taker

Sam Curran has got into the charge, and he is doing his job in a pretty good manner. The English all-rounder has become a precious source for MSD in scalping the Indian top orders of DC. His final overs cameo has shown what he is capable of. Since Sam Curran has continued his form in his second match, a lot is expected from the young pacer. According to the current scenario, the young English bowler is the strong candidate to be the most wicket-taker of the Match No.7 of IPL 2020. He is missing the new ball swing as he usually does at the international level; when he gets it, he will be entirely in a different zone that would help the yellow team. 

Kagiso Rabada made a strong statement about his current form in the last match. The way he approached the super over with his lethal pace was something that will haunt some batters. With perfect rhythm and mindset, Kagiso Rabada will step on as one of the favourites to pick the most number of wickets in this clash. 

Prediction on Who will win the match?

We are going with CSK this time. They know how to come back. Especially MSD knew how to stop his fellow Indian mates of the Delhi team. That puts the DC batters under vast pressure. 

Batting wise, CSK is trying to avoid pressure. The required run rate is causing trouble for the kind of batters CSK possesses. And this is directly affected by their bowling department. The bowlers need to take more responsibility. But the depth in their batting line up seems good. They can chase down totals if their openers start in the required fashion. 

Coming to the DC side, both the batting and bowling side looks more balanced. They are getting runs from their middle order, and at the same time, the bowling was also remarkable in their last match against KXIP. 

What makes most of the difference is the Dhoni factor, not as a player, but as a skipper. Even though most outsiders criticized CSK’s performance in the previous match, the yellow jerseys went close to the total from nowhere. Even in that situation, they are making their runs count. That puts them way ahead of other teams in terms of tactical thinking. And it was possible only because of the man Dhoni. He is in a different league as a captain. And at the same time coming back into his track slowly as days pass by. 

Prediction on the most six-hitting batter:

Shreyas Iyer. You would have seen him batting in the first match. He was so fluent, and his power has become even more violent—a great spin batter. Most importantly, his six-hitting nature makes him the tricky customer to bowl to. The Indian batter knows how to pull his innings till the end, making him an efficient contender to bash most sixes in this match. With Chennai’s bowlers not in good form, it opens the gate for Shreyas Iyer. The Dubai pitch is green, which brings in chances for his pull shots into the game. 

Rishabh Pant who is in an urge to prove his ability once again. He has to do some monstrous knocks to be back in the list of the probable Indian eleven. The Indian wicketkeeper needs to spend more time on the wicket. If he does that, it will definitely be a treat for the fans. With his 360 degrees ability, he can trouble any top-class bowler if he gets on a roll. Therefore, Rishabh will always be on this list as a favourite to hit the most number of sixes in any of his matches. 

Prediction on Man of the match:

With his current form and stupendous ability with the bat and the ball makes him the front runner for picking up the man of the match award for this game. Most importantly, this is the time in which CSK needs a push from any source. Being the only player to have great touch in both bat and ball, Sam Curran knocks this door harder. 

To sum up

If CSK wins this match, it will act as a clincher for most of the debate regarding their last match failure. At the same time, Delhi won’t be an easy customer with proven talents on their side.

Match 6 – RCB vs KXIP: Betting Predictions

The bold red team comes in with a win while the arsenal red team is stepping in with a bad memory. The last match of Punjab was almost their game, but luck didn’t favor them. This puts Punjab to be eager to right the wrong. 

Meanwhile, RCB must be planning to score a whopping number of runs, as they would have got boosted upon witnessing the clash of CSK and RR.

Now, the stage is ready with the ground that would suit both sides, as they have played one match each in this ground. As the batting exponents of this colourful format are filled in both sides, this match will undoubtedly be a feast for the ardent fans of IPL. 

Without further ado, let’s get into the betting predictions for Match No.6 of IPL 2020: KXIP vs RCB.

Prediction on the top run-scorer

Virat Kohli, the Skipper himself, might step in to guide his troops back home. It has happened often, first matches with not so much impact with the bat, while in the second matches, he explodes, gathering all his abilities. He has got the proven comeback skill. In the last game, he was ready to start his going over the fence, but unfortunately, he has been caught in the mid-wicket, which is too far compared to other grounds. This time, the Skipper might be afoot with the distance of the ground of Dubai, which in turn would make him chance his arms with more accuracy in the given condition. 

Since the KXIP bowling is not so consistent as their third and fourth bowlers are leaking more runs, Virat is provided with the chance to take the lead against them. Even the frontline bowlers Mohammed Shami and Shelton Cottrell won’t bother the Indian Skipper, especially in such a feather belt wicket. 

Another top contestant with a pure skill that gets updated day by day is KL Rahul. The Skipper of Punjab based franchise is sporting the wicket-keeping glove is considered to be a great chance of getting back to his divine touch in the batting. KL loves playing fast bowlers, and RCB is filled with three extreme pacers. 

Prediction on top wicket-taker

Navdeep Saini showed the hint of what he could do even on the belter pitch of Dubai. He would have adapted to it with; hopefully, the adaptation works in the way of India’s raw talented speedster. It was more than a decent spell by the youngster in the last match against SRH. The Haryana born express pacer is pushed to prove a point as an international bowler, and he is doing it in the right way. So in Dubai, this Indian fast bowler will get on a roll if the opponent batters try to go against him. 

Mohammed Shami is again the front runner for this show. A magnificent spell by the fast bowler almost went in vain as Chris Jordan and Krishnappa Gowtham let so much damage to their team with the ball. The new ball was doing magic with the upright release of Mohammed Shami, who was even more violent in the penultimate overs. As RCB possesses the tactical sloggers, Mohammed Shami and his wicket-taking ability will act as a barricade for RCB batters. 

Prediction on Who will win the match?

It seems like RCB has the upper hand with the strong batting order till the 6th or 7th batsman. As the debutant Devdutt Padikkal was also firing with the senior exponents, RCB looks so comfortable. 

But in KXIP except for Mayank Agarwal and KL Rahul, nobody looks in fine touch. Of course, Glenn Maxwell can change the match upside down if he gets on a roll, but that is relatively dependent on the bowlers he faces in the early stage of his innings. He often comes in at 12-15th overs, which puts him to face Yuzvendra Chahal, which won’t be what he would like to do. 

Bowling wise, both teams have expensive bowlers, and at the same time, they are brilliant at wicket-taking if it was their day. Speaking of the ability to come back after getting bashed in their initial overs, RCB bowlers will have a better go. So, it’s RCB who are seen as the winners of this match.

Prediction on the most six-hitting batter:

Coming in as an opener, KL Rahul will have more opportunities to go over the fence as only two fielders are allowed outside the powerplay ring during his early innings. Being a better fast bowling player, he would love to go over the top against the express speedsters Dale Steyn, Umesh Yadav, and Navdeep Saini. 

Besides, he has more shots, which eventually makes him at the top of this list. 

AB De Villiers. You don’t need more explanation for this name on this list. The 360 degrees can go over any side of the ground with pure timing. He has played it with every nook and corner of his bat that comes so naturally to him. With the given Dubai pitch and conditions, ABD looks so reliable for this match with his proven talents. Addedly, KXIP doesn’t possess a greater spin attack; ABD is a sure bet for this task. 

Prediction on Man of the match:

Virat Kohli will stand tall with his head higher. The ground structure isn’t going to affect this veteran batter as he has plenty of skills lurking in him so that he adapts well according to situation and landscape. Albeit the Dubai conditions aren’t similar to that of Chinnaswamy stadium of Bangalore, this is nearly going to be the home feel for Virat Kohli, as he is going to be playing his second game in this ground. And he never misses such an opportunity. He must be ready to push the six-month hiatus with a match-winning knock. 

Ravi Bishnoi can be a trouble-maker for Virat, but the young Rajasthani bowler doesn’t have effective leg breakers in his kit, which, in turn, sets all the right circumstances for Virat to win the Punjab based team out. 

To Sum Up

Royal Challengers Bangalore breathed a sigh of relief with the early, which was not at all nearby them last year. If they rekindle the essential elements they produce in the first game against SRH, RCB won’t find any reason to lose in this high-octane entertainment battle.

Match 5 KKR vs MI: Predictions

Mumbai Indians are in the urge to heal the wound they got in their first match of this IPL edition. This time MI is going to clash with another master tactician, Kolkata Knight Riders.

KKR is playing its first match of this edition, and they look even more balanced with the addition of Eoin Morgan to their engine room. KKR with the leadership of Dinesh Karthik seems so good as they have added Pat Cummins to their bowling side, who was the costliest buy of the last season. 

Let’s dive into the predictions to feel the build-up of the clash.

Prediction on the top run-scorer

Abu Dhabi wicket is slow and at the same time the front V region, that is the (covers, long on, long-off and mid-wicket regions) are longer than what it is supposed to be in Indian grounds. This puts even the big hitters’ go-to shots under trouble. The ball doesn’t come easy to the bat, especially when the spinners bowl, so the exciting sweeps are also made to be difficult for the batters. As a consequence, the batters with a wide range of shots can excel in such conditions. 

On looking at the situation, Eoin Morgan of KKR is the best prediction to his bat speaking a high tone in their clash against mighty MI. The England skipper hasn’t done much in IPL so far. Now he has a point to prove. With his tremendous form in his home T20 series against Windies, Pakistan and Australia, one can definitely bet on this Irish born England batter. 

As KKR is dependent on their spinners, the spin bowling power-hitter Hardik Pandya looks too strong for the Kolkata based franchise. 

Prediction on top wicket-taker

The wrist-spinner Kuldeep Yadav will be the front-runner to claim the most number of wickets between two staunch sides. As he is good with the floating deliveries, the batters will look to take the lead against him. Which, in turn, will provide him with more opportunities to the scalp. He is well experienced now, and the current ground conditions of UAE will favour the bowling the Kanpur- born young bloke does.

The KKR brutal-hitters like Eoin Morgan and Andre Russell are higher victims for Rahul Chahar and Krunal Pandya. Not only for those particular players, since KKR possesses left-handers in their top order such as Sunil Narine and Nitish Rana, a leg spinner and a left-arm spinner won’t be the best wicket-taking options for MI. 

So MI will have a more significant impact from Trent Boult with the ball. He swings in both the way and definitely a tough customer in the death overs. Therefore for the New Zealand pacer is considered to be the competitor for most number wicket-taker for this particular match. 

Prediction on Who will win the match?

KKR is rusty while MI is wounded, but looking on the bench strength and pressure handling ability, MI stands tall with more number of match-winners in their side. They have this habit of coming back stronger after a defeat. 

Batting wise, MI has a wide variety of batters. But for KKR, except Dinesh Karthik, Eoin Morgan and Andre Russell, the match-winning ability is lesser for other batters as they haven’t proved much. 

The pace attack is good for Mumbai Indians as they possess lethal Jasprit Bumrah, dasher Trent Boult and the pace producer James Pattinson. But their spin attack wasn’t that strong in the first match. Speaking of spin, KKR is too good compared to MI as they possess the match winners Sunil Narine and Kuldeep Yadav. 

On comparing the strengths and current form, MI looks as the favourites to win this match against the first match of Kolkata in Abu Dhabi. 

Prediction on the most six-hitting batter:

A tight fight is going to occur between Hardik Pandya and Andre Russell if they both get on a roll. Both are big hitters. Both love to go towards the mid-wicket region even though the side is bigger from the wicket they bat. The only trouble for them to achieve this is their batting slot. They come at lower order which at times doesn’t provide them with more balls to face. 

But Andre Russell might feel it difficult to go against the fast bowlers of MI as they are well experienced and they know what they bowl. The spinners of MI won’t be much a bother for Andre Russell. 

Hardik Pandya would have learnt the lesson from his first match dismissal. He would have found the distance of the boundary rope through his way of dismissal. So we are going to witness a more powerful Hardik bat swing in this match to go beyond the fence. And that puts him in the favourites in this list. 

Prediction on Man of the match:

There are more opportunities for the batters in these kinds of wickets to not spare the bowlers alone. In that sense, we can go with Eoin Morgan for the man of the match. Considering his current form, this UAE edition won’t be a big trouble maker for the English captain. As he is so fluent with unorthodox shots, it adds more strength to his kit. His natural ability bemuses the bowlers by making them confused in having a routine line and length for him. 

On the other side, Hardik Pandya’s long wait to win a match for his side may come to an end, as he would have adapted so well to the condition right now. His significant hitting nature that is bolstered with the timing has a separate fan base. What he has to do more is to focus on bowling too. In the last match, he didn’t get the opportunity. The name all-rounder gives great power to his name, and he must realize it to be the next big thing for the Indian team. 

To sum up

It’s going to be Mumbai’s game if they bat well against KKR. Batting is the factor they need to take care of. Any good partnership would put them in a comfortable slot as their bowling has the ability to restrict the opponents.

Match 3: CSK vs RR: Predictions

This clash between Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals is going to be the first match that is to be held in the venue, Sharjah. The wicket of Sharjah traditionally hesitates to provide more run-scoring options due to the slowness on the surface. And at the same time, it won’t entirely support the bowlers too. 

It’s going to be interesting to see how MSD’ s team is going to play with this new condition. Rajasthan, playing their first match might be having some fresh thoughts, and without any excuses, they need to put more effort to get into the track straight away. 

Let’s dive into the predictions to feel the build-up of the clash.

Prediction on the top run-scorer

Jos Buttler is the front-runner to make more runs in this clash between the finalists of the very first IPL season. Buttler, with his current form, looks so reliable and has got back into shape with the home Test matches and his match-winning performance in the T20 series against mighty Australia. He had been fluent with his stroke-making all around the park. So there is no doubt that this opportunity to open for RR will also be used optimistically by the English wicket-keeper. 

Ambati Rayudu has been coming out of his six-month hiatus. And he has come back to the track with his match-winning knock against Mumbai Indians in the first match of this Dream 11 IPL 2020. Without Suresh Raina, CSK looks imbalanced at the top. Ambati Rayudu, the real match-winning performer, is now allocated with a massive responsibility of the engine room. Therefore, Ambati Rayudu has the probability of scoring more for CSK. 

Prediction on top wicket-taker

Sam Curran will be handy for MSD in terms of scalping the top orders of RR. Mainly, he knows how to bowl to the dangerous Jos Buttler of RR as they belong to the same international team. Sam Curran, with his previous match cameo with both the bat and the ball, might be vibrant. What he needs to do for the next match is to take the positives out of his previous performance. Luckily he has got the franchise that would establish his real talent. Along with that, it offers him significant chances to perform from the front. So, according to the current scenario, the young English bowler is the strong candidate to be the most wicket-taker of the fifth match of IPL 2020.

Another bowler who can be a tough competitor of Sam Curran in terms of wicket-taking might be the lethal Jofra Archer. The West Indian born England bowler can be handy at any types of wickets. He can even extract bounce from the feather belt wickets. The speed he possesses is the greatest weapon at any point of an innings in the fast-moving T20 format. With the way he bowled against Australia in the English soil gives the hint that he is ready to roar in this flamboyant tournament. 

Prediction on Who will win the match?

Chennai Super Kings have this habit of winning initial matches of a tournament. Consequently, it has always put them in a most comfortable space during the end of group stage matches. As the first match of this edition reflects the natural winning habit of CSK, the Chennai based team is stepping its leg into the next match as the favourites. 

Batting wise, CSK is felt little lesser than RR in terms of power hitters and openers, but still, CSK knows how to play the twenty overs effectively. CSK has this huge all-rounders list in their playing eleven. Anyone who walks in to bat can score runs, and that is the biggest strength of CSK, which other teams lack. 

Besides, CSK has great bowling options to go with. They can go with the bowler who gets on a roll, which in turn puts them a tough team to bat against. Even though Rajasthan Royals possess the exponents such as Jos Buttler, Sanju Samson, Steve Smith, David Miller, and Robin Uthappa, they have to be more tactical in facing the CSK bowlers. 

Prediction on the most six-hitting batter:

Jos Buttler, who would step in as an opener, will get plenty of options to hit more over the ropes. With the dashing batting style, the English opener will have to face Deepak Chahar and Sam Curran. As he had tackled the express pacers Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc and Kane Richardson, these CSK bowling-openers won’t be a much bother to the RR openers. 

Apart from that, Sanju Samson is currently pushed to a stage where he needs a point to prove as an international batter. He has got the skills, and he has done it in the past. This is the right time to get into the limelight for Sanju Samson, and he isn’t the player who would miss such a great opportunity. A powerful spin-hitter who can dance well down the pitch and at the same time he middles the ball in a fabulous way to send the ball over the roofs. On the whole, Sanju Samson might be a formidable contender to be on this healthy race to score more number of sixes. 

Prediction on Man of the match:

Ravindra Jadeja looked good in the last match. But unfortunately, he departed earlier in the last match. Batting wise he is in great touch. Even his bowling spoke much with two crucial wickets he picked up. Looking at the rhythm of Ravindra Jadeja in all three departments, it just hinted that he is ready to register his name on top with his precious performance. 

A competitor for Ravindra Jadeja in winning the Man of the match award would be Sam Curran, who is also in the way to be a perfect all-rounder. 

To Sum Up

Eventually, with so much experience and outstanding leadership, CSK steps in as favorites in their second match of this edition against the mighty Rajasthan Royals.

Match 3: RCB vs. SRH: Predictions

The first two matches of this Dream 11 IPL once again proved how IPL is connected with quality and entertainment. A bit of rustiness was felt with the players, but the quality is still at the top-notch. And now it’s time for two biggies to lock horns—battle of red and orange. 

What’s going to be more fascinating is the innings in which the strong batting unit of RCB would be facing the proven SRH bowling department. 

Let’s dive into the predictions to feel the build-up of the clash.

Prediction on the top run-scorer

Since the IPL management is trying to manage many matches at the three venues, they have decided to go with some grass on top of the wickets. This is to reduce the tiredness of the pitches. Consequently, this process is directly going to reflect on the early matches. Based on the grass top, the Australian batters who are good with fast and spin bowling are David Warner and Aaron Finch. And they stand as our predictions for top run-scorers in the first match of their campaign. 

Especially Aaron Finch, who is going to wear bold red this time, is getting into this tournament with the environment surrounded by the best in the business of batting. Which, in turn, automatically puts Aaron Finch as a favorite batter to score top runs in the first match of RCB. 

A tough competitor for RCB’s Finch would be his Australian opening partner David Warner, but this time as an opponent. Basically, Warner is excellent against the spinners, as RCB possess the leg spinners as their key in bowling, the left-handed David Warner won’t find trouble in tackling them. 

Prediction on top wicket-taker

Even though the monstrous Rashid Khan is present at the SRH squad, Bhuvaneshwar Kumar might have a go with the new ball if he gets on a roll. The UP born bowler is in the urge to prove to be back on the white side. The most important thing about him is that he is a great learner, which helps him adapt to conditions so quickly. 

The red team will have Yuzvendra Chahal as a frak who will accumulate wickets as usual. The more significant dimension if Dubai ground will be the best suit for a leg spinner who loves to bowl loopy deliveries with intense passion. A natural wicket-taker who can be handy with the variations. Again the majority of right-handers in the SRH will favor the wrist-spinner of RCB, who has a skipper who loves supporting the attacking version of Yuzvendra Chahal.

Prediction on Who will win the match?

Speaking of batting, RCB is a few steps ahead of SRH. David Warner’s orange team possesses an excellent top order that can turn around the table, but the middle order is not as strong as RCB’s. The Virat Kohli led RCB looks violent with the presence of Aaron Finch, Virat Kohli, AB De Villiers, and Moeen Ali. With Devdutt Padikkal being the front runner of the opening partner of Aaron Finch, the Bangalore based team is mighty with the batting department.

Now comes the most exciting department, bowling. Comparatively, SRH possesses the proven bowling unit with which they grabbed the title of the 2016 edition. Rashid Khan and Bhuvaneshwar Kumar are holding the bowling unit with both their hands. But the rollicking debate of RCB’s death over bowling is set to come to an end with the new pickings for this season. They have Chris Morris, Dale Steyn, Navdeep Saini, and Isuru Udana for the job. But still, this needs to work as a unit, and it can be found only when the combinations work together in the early matches. 

RCB ‘s strong batting unit puts them top in winning the match. As they have a decent bowling unit, they are felt as the favorites for this match against SRH. 

Prediction on the most six-hitting batter:

Aaron Finch and Ab De Villiers are right on top of this competition. Both are exponents against spin. Especially, Finch has most of the chances to win the healthy competition between these two RCB batters because of the slot he comes in. Aaron Finch walking in first, bats with only two fielders outside the ring for the initial six overs would give him chance his arms without any difficulties. 

Above all, the Australian skipper techniques to hit brutal sixes make him an automatic choice for this. He has just crushed Jofra Archer in the English soil, where the Windies born England bowler clicks north of 90 mph with the new ball. This acts as a hint of how much he is ready to face the pacers. Speaking of batting against spin, the hulky Aussie batter has the lofted strokes which come under his own formula. 

ABD needs to face Rashid Khan during the early stage of his innings. That puts ABD’s wicket under a little risk. Other than that, there is no other reason to stop ABD from hitting the most number of sixes in the match. 

Prediction on Man of the match:

Chris Morris has the chance to attain this award. Being an all-rounder, his role will have a significant impact on RCB’s result. In batting, his role will act as the core for RCB. Coming in at 5 or 6, he will be provided with the situation to slog as far as possible. This might be the right role for Chris Morris. 

He can act as a third pacer for the team with the ball, which balances the team properly. The only thing to consider is his fitness level. If he comes over it, then its the best thing the Bangalore based team could ask for. 

To sum up

On the whole, with greater bench strength in batting and a decent bowling unit, puts RCB’s head higher than that of SunRisers Hyderabad. The thing that RCB usually lacks is the early wins in the tournament. Hopefully, they could break that this time with a much better team of them.

Match 2: KXIP vs. DC: Predictions

The excitement gets even better as all the teams of this edition are felt to be equally strong. With few additions to the Delhi side, they look fresh this time. As Punjab was always unpredictable, this time, the responsible skipper KL makes it look like consistent performers. 

With these two teams about to lock horns after so much of wait for cricket, nothing gets even better for every ardent cricket fan. 

This time we got into predictions, which might help in betting. It can guide betters, and the projections are based on cricketing terms and techniques. So let’s dive into the predictions. 

Prediction on the top run-scorer

KL Rahul from Kings XI Punjab and Shreyas Iyer of Delhi Capitals. The reason behind this guessing is their bolstering batting against the spin. The skippers of both the teams come in at the right time to score. KL Rahul will open for the Punjab based team while Shreyas will come in at two-drop for Delhi Capitals.

Among these two stellar batters, Shreyas has higher opportunities to score more, as Punjab’s spin bowling isn’t that good as Delhi Capitals’ as they possess Ravichandran Ashwin, Amit Mishra, and Sandeep Lamichhane. Which, in turn, will have all the abilities to cut down the run-scoring elements from KL Rahul. But the Karnataka born batter is far superior to what we think can restrict him. He knows the nooks and corners to score runs, and it is believed that he can do it against the top-class spinners. Being a powerful spin hitter, Shreyas Iyer stands higher with the chance to score more runs in the second match of the 2020 edition. 

Prediction on top wicket-taker

The Indian pacer in KXIP, Mohammed Shami, will have his deliveries speak at any wicket. Even the feather belt pitches will feel the seam of his deliveries nod concerning his upright release. With the six month hiatus, the Amroha born fast bowler might be ready to roar with his full potential, which in turn makes him the favorite to pick up more wickets in the game between Delhi and Punjab. Since Delhi’s top order is filled with Indian batsmen, Shami knows th well as he could have bowled for them more in the Indian camp. 

The leg spinner Amit Mishra might give a tough competition to Mohammed Shami in terms of wicket-taking competition in the other team. The experienced leg spinner bowls all the essential variations to bemuse the opponent batsmen in the middle. As KXIP’s middle order is the majority of right-handers, the Delhi bowler will have his wrist do more work to spin the ball harder. 

Prediction on Who will win the match?

On weighing both teams’ top order, KXIP looks deadly aggressive. With KL and Chris Gayle at the top, they look very strong for the powerplay overs. Even though they have this Indian top order in Delhi, they have to rely on Rishabh Pant to make big innings. On comparing the middle order batting, Delhi has the upper hand as they will have Shreyas Iyer, Shimron Hetmyer, and Ajinkya Rahane. It is a mix of brutal hitting and experience. On the whole, batting looks better balanced for Delhi Capitals. 

In the bowling department, Delhi Capitals has a well-versed spin department, which involves Ravichandran Ashwin, Amit Mishra, and Sandeep Lamichhane. And in the pace zone, Delhi has Kagiso Rabada, Ishant Sharm, and Marcus Stoinis. It looks strong and comfortable. 

But KXIP needs to go with Murugan Ashwin and Mujeeb ur Rahman. One is not consistent, and one was struggling in the last season. Ravi Bishnoi, India’s young sensation, is in the list, but can he be as effective as the spinners of Delhi? Coming to the fast bowlers,  except Mohammed Shami, there isn’t any strong figure to keep the attack tight. 

Prediction on the most six-hitting batter:

Shreyas Iyer, the skipper being a big hitter of spin bowlers, has the majority of chances to go for most sixes. The skipper of Delhi has this effective lofted drives over the long-on and mid-wicket region with ease. Addedly he is also fluent with the offside lofted shots, which convinces that he has the most of the chance to be the most number of sixes under his name. 

We should not forget the Gayle storm and (Maxi)mum on this list. But can they bring back the magic?  If Gayle gets on a roll, there is surely no doubt that he will be the one to score the most number of sixes. But the bowling attack from the opposite team looks stronger this time. Will Gayle be able to do it against the top class bowlers at this time of his career? Well, that brings doubt. And about Maxwell, he loves fours too; even if he gets the touch on the pitch, there will be more four than the sixes.

Prediction on Man of the match:

Marcus Stoinis has all the ability to be at the top of the list to get the prestigious name. His three-dimensional skill puts him tall among all. As he had played some valuable games for Australia, his cricketing muscles would have got ready for those match-winning performances with both the bat and the ball.

Shreyas Iyer gets in this list very easily with his magnificent skillset and his urge to prove an Indian regular batter. The exposure he has obtained will make sure that he uses the UAE conditions at an utmost level, and this new form of rusty cricket from the players makes his head higher, as he is strong with the techniques. 

To sum up 

On the whole, with so much of balance in all three departments and the coaching brain of Ricky Ponting makes Delhi Capitals the favorites for their first match of this 2020 Dream 11 IPL.

Predictions on Top 5 Emerging Players in the IPL 2020

Recognizing the real talent and awarding them with grand gestures is the right way to build India’s young talents. IPL, which is the biggest domestic tournament in the world, has never missed doing this procedure. Right from 2008, when the mighty tournament was launched, this had been happening, and luckily Indian cricket team is getting a significant benefit in identifying the real competitors for the international level. 

As the value involved in this award is higher, the competition to attain this title also gets higher and higher every season. 

Criteria to win Emerging Players Award in IPL

The criteria to select such talents has a method to it:

  • The Player must be born on 1st April or after 1993 (till 2019. The new criteria haven’t been released yet)
  • The Player must have played 5 or fewer Test matches or 20 or fewer ODIs
  • The Player must have played 25 or less IPL matches
  • The Player should have never won the award in the past.

As usual, this 2020 IPL edition is also filled with a group of young emerging Cricketers who want their names to be etched on the prestigious list. The competition is even higher this time. Let us look at five players who might put their hands up for the Emerging Player award this season.

1.Devdutt Padikkal 

The manner in which Devdutt Padikkal performed in the previous domestic season makes his name more sensational in RCB. He was the top scorer in the Vijay Hazare Trophy 2019 for Karnataka. With 609 runs in the11 matches, he played for Karnataka in the Vijay Hazare showcased exponential ability. The Kerala born Karnataka batter has all the sound abilities to ignite the powerplay overs and even to continue till the end. 

Addedly he got the spot in India A team last year, which might have boosted his confidence. 

It is an excellent opportunity for the youngster to prove to the Indian skipper who will travel so close with him for the next two months. If it goes well, Padikal will be in a different space in the near future. 

Given his recent form, he is the one to watch out for and stake a claim for the Emerging talent award.

2.Yashasvi Jaiswal (RR)

There is always something special about Mumbai cricketers. It all started with the great Sunil Gavaskar, then came the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar, and currently, the hitman Rohit Sharma. The Mumbai batters have a special theory in the way of batting, which is yet to be discovered. 

With Prithvi Shah of Mumbai taking up the legacy of Mumbai batters with his extreme talent, Yashasvi Jaiswal of Mumbai has come up to do the Mumbai batter role for India. With his extraordinary performances in the under 19 world cup for India, he also became the highest scorer in the recently concluded U19 World cup. He would be plying his trade for Rajasthan Royals in 2020.

Apart from being an explosive batsman, he also bowls leg-spin, which adds to his CV to be considered in the 11. Given a chance to play all the matches, he would be one of the prime contenders to hold the award.

3. Prithvi Shaw (DC)

The image of Prithvi Shah is getting bigger and bigger. But still, he needs to deliver it from his side. By often getting into the crossfires, Prithvi has now been pushed to a place where he is urged to do well with his bat. Apart from other disapprovals over him, Prithvi plays for Delhi Capitals and qualifies to be in contention for the emerging Player award. He was in top form after his return to cricket from the ban.

The ace opener of Delhi capital has had enough experience in the IPL, and this might be his year to explore his real power in batting. His modern times on the rise shots give him a special place among the best in this business. With his dasher type batting accompanied by his brilliance and fearless stroke-play, this would be his last chance to win the Emerging player award, and he would surely want to make this year his own.

4.Ravi Bishnoi (KXIP)

Ravi Bishnoi is the new Indian sensation with unplayable googlies. The 20-year-old Ravi Bishnoi from Rajasthan is one to look out for, as the leg spinners are having a great time in this shortest format of the game. With right-handed batsmen occupying most of the batting order, this young wrist bowler might be the key for Kings XI Punjab. The braveness filled Ravi Bishnoi had been a great name in under 19 tournaments, but in the bigger stage, he needs to up his game with adding few more variations in his bowling. 

Bishnoi was the highest wicket-taker in the last U19 Cricket world cup. Without a much-experienced spin attack, Anil Kumble, the head coach of KXIP, might have to turn his head towards this naive bowler, which could land the Rajasthan leggie with enough opportunities to showcase his skills at the biggest stage. Undoubtedly, Ravi Bishnoi could be one of the promising candidates for the emerging player award.

5.Riyan Parag (RR)

Riyan Parag is the youngest cricketer to score a 50 in IPL history. Even the mighty Steve Smith was awestruck with the way this young gun of Rajasthan Royals was approaching the game. Riyan did his reputation no harm in 2019 by scoring some crucial runs and claiming a couple of wickets for Rajasthan Royals. Getting into the bigger stage of cricket by coming from Assam is a rare thing to witness for us, the Indian fans. His run making ability, seen in the Vijay Hazare trophy for Assam in 2018-19, acted as a key to pick him in the Rajasthan based franchise in the IPL of 2019.

If he steps up to be the all-rounder and deliver the goods for his team, this 2020 edition of IPL could indeed be in favour of Riyan. With the IPL scheduled in UAE, his bowling would add to his chances of staking a claim for the Emerging player award.

The Proteas superstar AB De Villiers, who is very well known for his batting all around the park, feels that the Royal Challengers Bangalore camp environment is more special this time in UAE.

“I won’t say we have got the best team, there is a different feel, there is a fresh feel in the team that I can’t explain but it is very exciting. Obviously, looking at the combinations, there is back-up everywhere. We have options to go to,” he told RCB TV.

RCB lacks death over bowling for a long time. In order to overcome the trouble, this time, they have Chris Morris, Dale Steyn, and Isuru Uraudana to accomplish the challenging task. Along with this overseas gang, RCB has also bought Kane Richardson from Australia, but unfortunately, the pacer couldn’t make it into this edition as he got some personal issues in his side. 

To bolster the batting order, even more, the Bangalore based team has bought the mighty Australian skipper Aaron Finch. We all know what he could bring on to the table when he gets on a roll. Furthermore, Joshua Phillippe from Australia, a wicket-keeper batter, has also been roped into the squad. 

Above all, RCB has this core strength in the middle order with Moeen Ali, Chris Morris, and Shivam Dube. This is the best thing that ever happened to balance the batting of RCB. 

The most exciting retainment is Devdutt Padikkal. The young gun from the Karnataka team. He is well versed in this format, and his new techniques might give RCB a different image in this edition of IPL. 

With roping in Adam Zampa, the spinners category is also filled with talents such as Yuzvendra Chahal, Pawan Negi, and Moeen Ali. 

This is the first time RCB looks so balanced. Even the skipper, Virat Kohli, feels the same. 

ABD also praises the RCB captain, Virat Kohli, “We have a really, really good work ethic. Not saying it was different in the past, but everyone seems to be brought into the hardworking environment. And a lot of credit has to go to Virat. He leads by example. He sets the standards. It is pretty easy to follow a captain when a captain is leading from the front. “

Virat Kohli’s fitness level sets the milestone for the teammates to catch up. Virat Kohli entirely changes the Indian team’s fitness expectations. And it has been so with RCB now.

ABD feels a Different Environment in the RCB Camp

The Proteas superstar AB De Villiers, who is very well known for his batting all around the park, feels that the Royal Challengers Bangalore camp environment is more special this time in UAE.

“I won’t say we have got the best team, there is a different feel, there is a fresh feel in the team that I can’t explain but it is very exciting. Obviously, looking at the combinations, there is back-up everywhere. We have options to go to,” he told RCB TV.

RCB lacks death over bowling for a long time. In order to overcome the trouble, this time, they have Chris Morris, Dale Steyn, and Isuru Uraudana to accomplish the challenging task. Along with this overseas gang, RCB has also bought Kane Richardson from Australia, but unfortunately, the pacer couldn’t make it into this edition as he got some personal issues in his side.

To bolster the batting order, even more, the Bangalore based team has bought the mighty Australian skipper Aaron Finch. We all know what he could bring on to the table when he gets on a roll. Furthermore, Joshua Phillippe from Australia, a wicket-keeper batter, has also been roped into the squad.

Above all, RCB has this core strength in the middle order with Moeen Ali, Chris Morris, and Shivam Dube. This is the best thing that ever happened to balance the batting of RCB.

The most exciting retainment is Devdutt Padikkal. The young gun from the Karnataka team. He is well versed in this format, and his new techniques might give RCB a different image in this edition of IPL.

With roping in Adam Zampa, the spinners category is also filled with talents such as Yuzvendra Chahal, Pawan Negi, and Moeen Ali.

This is the first time RCB looks so balanced. Even the skipper, Virat Kohli, feels the same.

ABD also praises the RCB captain, Virat Kohli, “We have a really, really good work ethic. Not saying it was different in the past, but everyone seems to be brought into the hardworking environment. And a lot of credit has to go to Virat. He leads by example. He sets the standards. It is pretty easy to follow a captain when a captain is leading from the front. “

Virat Kohli’s fitness level sets the milestone for the teammates to catch up. Virat Kohli entirely changes the Indian team’s fitness expectations. And it has been so with RCB now.

5 Players who could win the Most Valuable Player Award in IPL 2020

IPL has become the toughest league in the world. With its quality of players and coaching brains that involve, IPL sets a huge name for itself. With the luxurious facilities from the management and the reach a player would get from IPL, the contract in this tournament becomes a dream for many cricketers. However, performing in IPL isn’t as easy as everyone thinks; the standards of IPL are very high, and it requires a player with immense skills to perform in such a difficult stage. The player who stands tall among the bests throughout the tournament wins the “MVP” award of the season.

MVP is not an easy thing. It requires a hell lot of brawn and brains. Most importantly, a player needs consistency to be in the MVP list. 

Let’s have a look at 5 such players who could win the MVP award of this IPL 2020

1) KL Rahul

KL Rahul is the next big thing in India. He is creeping on his way towards the best in the T20 business. KL Rahul has been a pillar for the Indian team of late. His T20I, as well as T20 record, is peaking high at present. Furthermore, IPL gives him extra space to showcase the wide talent he possesses. The Karnataka born batter has been one of the best players in the IPL for the last two seasons. And it is the right time to witness his entertaining batting as we are in a desperate mode to see such kind of cricket activities. 

KL Rahul had a brilliant last two seasons scoring 659 and 593 runs in 2018 and 2019 editions. Overall, he has a decent average of 42 and a strike rate of 138. 

So far, he has carried KXIP in the previous two editions of the league, and there’s no reason why he can’t win the MVP award this time around.

2) Andre Russell

Andre Russell knocks the MVP door so hard with his brutal batting. The Jamaican has been one of the best T20 cricketers for quite a while now. True IPL followers wouldn’t be surprised at seeing Andre Russell’s name over here. The all-rounder from Windies won the MVP award last season, and there’s absolutely no reason why he can’t do the magic again. The Indian soil and Russell have become a separate love story, and that is because of the way he goes hard with his sword. 

Especially, the last IPL edition was a better reap for him. With 510 runs in 2019 alone, he averaged 56.66 with 4 half-centuries. It was a feast to witness the Jamaican’s flow. On the whole, he has an average of 33 and a tremendous strike rate of 186. 

Addedly, he is a decent seamer as well. With the ball, he has scalped 55 wickets in IPL so far. Like every year, Russell is KKR’s best player going into IPL 2020, and the KKR fans would hope that he can repeat his IPL 2019 heroics.

3) Jofra Archer

Jofra Archer’s extreme pace and deadly variation make him a tough customer for the batters on the pitch. Some people wouldn’t have expected Archer to make this list, but if you’ve seen him bowl, you would know why his inclusion in this list. Archer has been one of the best T20 bowlers going around. Even the best batters of T20 and the Tests have failed to get the better of him in the recent past.

Having played only two seasons of IPL, Archer has taken 26 wickets at an economy of 7.5 despite bowling regularly at the death. An extra point that has to be added on his skillset is his pinch-hitting ability. Any captain would love that contribution coming up from a bowler in the lower order. 

Being a fast bowler in the sluggish UAE wickets, his role is a little tougher than the last two IPL editions. But still, he has the ability to prove his skill in any situation. Let’s wait and watch. 

4) Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya is a different player now. Thanks to the IPL for making the Indian all-rounder such a dashing batter. IPL has given him the freedom to explode as per his wish. Initially, he was a powerful spin hitter, and now with more exposure to international qualities, he has become a nightmare for fast bowlers too. Hardik Pandya is a great example of what IPL can do to a batter. Consequently, he has been India’s best all-rounder in the shortest format of the game for quite some time now. His muscle power is of a completely different level as he could hit the big shots for fun. 

With his penultimate over cameos with the bat, Hardik managed to make 402 in the last season, which effectively added up to 1068 runs in his IPL career. With the ball, he has managed 42 wickets, and he has this habit of scalping the main wickets of opponents, which needs to be mentioned in special. 

He has been one of MI’s best players in the last few editions of the league. He plays the role of precious wicket-taker in MI, and the special thing to mention about him is his athletic fielding skills. On the whole, he’s a complete package. Therefore, without any doubt, Hardik has a good chance of winning the MVP award this time around.

5) Sunil Narine

The third all-rounder who is making into this list is Sunil Narine. He has been one of KKR’s best players over the years. Despite playing as a proper spinner in the initial seasons, he now sees himself in the all-rounder category with his pinch-hitting ability, that too at the top of the order. He has been promoted and has played the role of a pinch hitter to perfection.

Apart from that, he has also been a fantastic bowler for KKR over the years. His tight bowling has kept the opposition batsman quiet more often than not. With these proven qualities of himself, he has already won the MVP award in 2012 and 2018.

The IPL edition of 2018 played a huge role in his batting. He scored 357 runs in that season alone, which is more than his coaching brains expected. And with the ball, the mystery spinner has scalped 122 wickets in IPL. And with his current form, he adds his name in the list effectively. 

To sum up

Franchises are expecting the MVP from their side as it would greatly impact the team’s performance. As cricket is getting evolved, the demand for MVPs are also getting higher. Let’s see what the six-month wait and frustration does for the best in the business in this IPL season.