The battle between the mighty KKR and KXIP, which is at the lowest position in the point table is going to produce a fantastic T20 game. With both the teams are in the urge to go on top from their current position, this clash can provide us with high octane entertainment. With speeches going around on bringing back the Universal boss Chris Gayle into the side, this is going to be a challenging time for KL Rahul to make a huge call. 

Without much ado, let’s get into predictions for the Match No.24 of IPL 2020: KXIP vs KKR.

Prediction on the top run-scorer.

The skipper of Kings XI Punjab has the most variety of shots in this current edition of IPL. The shorter format exponent in batting is becoming a big thing in modern times. Furthermore, this format gives him enough space to showcase his mind-blowing batting skills along with his added captaincy responsibility. KKR is filled with bowlers, about six to seven bowlers are on board, and all are different from each other. This makes KKR the best bowling side next to in-form DC. At this current situation, KL Rahul might be the one who can show other batters how to deal with different types of bowlers in a single match. Since KKR is dominated by spinners, being a good player of spin we can expect more sweep shots from KL in this particular match. KL loves playing fast bowlers, and as there are about four pacers in KKR, this will also boost up the chances of KL Rahul to shine with his bat in this clash. 

Nicholas Pooran, the man who can do wonders if he gets on a roll. The batting which the West Indian plays is something so natural that comes up only from those who are from Caribbean lands. Being a momentum-based player, Nicholas Pooran has now settled himself with the needed momentum to outwin the opponents. Most importantly, the spinners of KKR won’t be a bother for this left-hander as he has got the big bat swing which is also known for its accuracy. The knock of Pooran last match showed us what impossibilities this wicket-keeper batsman could do with his bat. 

Prediction on top wicket-taker

Pat Cummins has been one among the main factors for KKR’s success in their bowling department. With his pace, he made a magnificent contribution, which in turn acted as an excellent advantage for Dinesh Karthik. Throughout his career, Pat Cummins has been affected by his injury-prone body. But this time he is dealing with this tournament with a much fitter body, and it looks good to see him dealing with his fitness in these challenging conditions for a fast bowler. The attitude of Pat Cummins is the main reason for his success in the wicket-taking process. His strong character would bring him on top of the wicket-takers list. Since Kings XI Punjab isn’t making well with their middle-order batters, Pat Cummins can be a crucial bowler in the penultimate over for Dinesh Karthik. And KXIP’s dependency on top keder batting can also be shattered by this hulky Australian, as he is correctly moving the ball. 

Varun Chakravarthy, the Indian Sunil Narine is making tough times for the batters to take the lead against him. The magical spin of the Tamilnadu spinner has uprooted the stumps of the one and only MS Dhoni in the last match. His way of restricting the run flow in the middle overs makes him lethal against any T20 teams, which contains the exponent batters in this format. 

Prediction on Who will win the match?

In the batting department, KXIP is entirely dependent on its top order batters. and it is also said that it might be the reason to bring Chris Gayle back on top of the order to make the in form batters to come down in the middle. On the other side, KKR is filled with batters who can make match-winning knocks at any time. On comparing both the teams, KKR seems to have the upper hand here. 

Again, in bowling, KXIP is nowhere near to KKR. As KKR is playing with more options, they have become the staunch bowling department only next to the in-form DC bowlers. 

On looking at all these factors, KKR seems too good for KXIP. 

Prediction on the most six-hitting batter

KL Rahul is far superior to what we think can restrict him. The Karnataka born Indian batter knows the nooks and corners to score runs, and it is believed that he can do it against the top-class spinners. Being a powerful spin hitter, KL makes himself a favourite to hit more number of sixes in this clash against KKR, which is known for their staunch bowling.

Furthermore, KL’s pure skill gets updated day by day, which is what makes us witness the incredible shots from him. The KKR team with four pacers and three spinners is the most challenging customer for any batter. But KL Rahul with his remarkable skill in producing shots all around the park is the best option to hit the most number of sixes. Coming in as an opener, KL Rahul will have more opportunities to go over the fence as only two fielders are allowed outside the powerplay ring during his early innings. Being a better fast bowling player, he would love to go over the top against the express speedster Pat Cummins. 

Prediction on Man of the match

Andre Russell, with his brutal six-hitting nature and handy bowling in the middle or death overs, can be the player of the match for KKR. Since the bowling of KXIP isn’t performing well for the last few games, this is the right time which would provide suitable opportunities for Andre Russell to taste success with his bat. The much expected Andre Russell is not making much sound with the sweet spot if his bat, and it is believed the struggles can all come to an end with this match against KXIP. Furthermore, the innocuous middle-order batters can be the scalps of this Trinidadian all-rounder. 

To sum up

Eventually, KXIP are pushed to a point where they have to take immediate steps on Glenn Maxwell’s form in batting. If Chris Gayle comes in with a bang in the top order, then KXIP might find the fight against the mighty Kolkata Knight Riders.