England – Australia Players of KKR’s will be Available for their First Match of IPL 2020

As the Dream 11 IPL 2020 in UAE is about to commence in a week, KKR’s indispensable players from England and Australia are still in England, playing in the bilateral ODI series between the two nations. 

Kolkata Knight Riders is the team which consists of strong overseas players in its bench, which is pushed to wait for their overseas player to join their camp. Eoin Morgan and Tom Banton from England, and Pat Cummins from Australia are about to arrive in Abu Dhabi on September 17, right after they complete their national duties. 

As the Abu Dhabi government has the mandatory six days quarantine rules, it was said that these players travelling from England might be missing the first match of their team on September 23, as their isolation period wouldn’t have been over by that time. 

But the latest statement from KKR’s Chief Executive Officer Venky Mysore denotes that their Eng- Aus players don’t have to go through the six days quarantine as they are travelling from one biosecure bubble into another. 

And he also said that they have been in talks with the authorities regarding the shortening the quarantine period of the three players to three days. 

“While they are still negotiating with the authorities, we are reconciled to the fact that we may have to quarantine our three players. They arrive on September 17, but our first game is on September 23, by which time they would’ve finished their [concessional six-day] quarantine. So it’s worked out well, and it’s good for the tournament.” said Venkat Mysore in an interview with ESPN Cricinfo. 

The idea of smooth transferring of players within two biosecure bubbles has made the IPL authorities to nod their heads. Credits to Venky Mysore, who bolstered the thoughts of Sanjeev Churiwala, RCB’s chairman. 

Mysore said, “What we did was put a plan together and shared it with the medical team at the IPL, We told them, ‘they’re in a bio-secure bubble in the UK. What if we brought them on a sanitized charter flight, and we took care of all the elements of immigration, testing, contactless stuff, and everything to allow them to come right into a bubble here?’ To give credit to IPL, they took it very constructively, and they have a written Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for that, which says if you’re coming from a bubble to another bubble, you don’t need the mandatory quarantine period.”

This needs to go well in a merry way so that KKR can start their campaign much effectively with the in-form Tom Banton, Eoin Morgan, and Pat Cummins. 

Tom Banton had been exceptionally doing well with the bat in the home season, while Morgan is in terrific touch, made some match-winning knocks for the British team. Pat Cummins is returning back from his six-month hiatus. Hopefully, the ODI series against the English team will put him back into his business. 

With things getting revolved around these three players, KKR has another eye on the three players traveling from the Caribbean land. The KKR playing CPL players are Andre Russell, Sunil Narine, and Chris Green. 

“We’re bringing all our players on a charter straight to Abu Dhabi. Even the smallest of detail like how they will go from hotel to airport – they go on a bus with a driver who is part of the bubble – straight to the tarmac. That is the level of detailing we have gone into, because of which they have waived the quarantine period.” said Venky Mysore about the three CPL players. 

But the six days quarantine period of these players might not affect the KKR camp as they might be very much ready with their CPL experience. Along with that, this six days quarantine period can help them rest their cricketing muscles. So it can bring them to a better shape when they play the first match for the Kolkata based team.

CSK got a Good thing to Cherish

The Indian fast bowler Deepak Chahar is back into the CSK practice camp after he tested negative for COVID-19. CSK has posted his picture on its social media account. But, it was said that Deepak Chahar has just visited the practice session, and he still needs to go through some tests according to the BCCI protocols. 

“Deepak Chahar has returned two negative tests for Covid 19 and is back in team bubble,” said KS Viswanathan, CEO of CSK to the press. “Now, as per BCCI protocol, he will undergo a cardiovascular test which will be an indicator of his recovery. After that, he will have another Covid Test, and if he is negative, he can join the training,”

Worryingly, the other player Ruturaj Gaikwad who was also tested positive for the virus, has to wait for his isolation period to get over. The young Indian talent was also considered as the replacement of Suresh Raina in the one drop position. 

“Except for the Indian batsman, who is in quarantine, all others have come out.” mentioned the CSK CEO. 

But as a happy note for the management, the 11 staff members were tested negative, and they have been relieved from the isolation process. 

Meanwhile, the Proteas players Faf Du Plessis and Lungi Ngidi joined the camp after being tested negative thrice during their isolation period. 

Since the teams had to fly to UAE a month before the series, CSK had a severe setback with 13 members: the 11 support staff and two players tested positive for COVID-19. This incident has forced an extended quarantine period for the Chennai based franchise. With the CSK management except for the affected members of the team were tested negative, the rest of the team started to practice on the last Friday. 

With Suresh Raina and Harbhajan Singh opts out of this Dream 11 IPL 2020, CSK was helpless, with the other two key players getting affected by the deadly virus. 

And now, as a ray of sunshine in a cloudy day, Deepak Chahar’s arrival back into the squad would have boosted CSK mates who are all been in routine practice. 

Deepak Chahar was excellent in the last two seasons. The both-way new ball swinger had scalped 33 wickets so far in IPL in which 22 came out of last season alone. His pacy swingers have all the potent elements to outwin the new ball hitters. And his proceedings during the penultimate overs have been good with plenty of variations lurking in his kit. 

With just one and less than a half week yet for the tournament to commence, the Indian pacer must train his body back to cricket. Although it can be a challenging time for the young bowler, he is a great athlete, and there is no doubt he could pull it off and come to the tournament as a beast. 

“It depends on his recovery. I can’t put a timeline but another four days minimum. But it’s not confirmed.” said the CSK CEO and was asked about the number of days the Indian pacer would take to recover. 

By bringing this Indian pacer into the side, MSD can tick the box of one new ball bowler. Slowly, CSK is getting back from the setbacks. The Master tactician MSD will take care of the side.

RCB has got a Great Balance this time: Virat Kohli

The Indian skipper, who has been captaining Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL, has felt that his side is well balanced this time since the edition of 2016.

“We’ve got a great balance of experience,” said Virat Kohli in the bold diaries, a show conducted by RCB on its youtube channel. 

“The skill required for T20 cricket and the youngsters in the team who are eager to take up the responsibility and look forward to opportunities that we’re going to provide them,It’s an exciting time.As I said, that 2016 season which we’ve all loved to be a part of, it was such a memorable season. “

Since the IPL 2020 was shifted to UAE, every team had to travel to UAE a month before the tournament begins. This has let more time for the players to get adapted to the typical hot conditions of the UAE. 

Speaking of AB De Villiers, and himself, Virat was sure about the miraculous things that might happen as it happened in 2016.

“We definitely feel it will, because we’ve never felt so calm going into a season before. He [de Villiers] is coming from a very different space, he’s been enjoying his life, is relaxed. He came out to play and is looking like playing in 2011 still – he’s as fit as ever. I’m in a much better space, more balanced when it comes to the IPL environment. “

RCB is a dominant batting team with more prominent names in it. Still, they didn’t manage to grab the IPL title once. This baggage at their shoulders is getting snowballed for every season. And at present, they are certainly at a point to cut-off the weightage. 

“It’s about disconnecting with things that have happened in the past and not taking that baggage. We’ve done that way too many times. Just because we have a bunch of players who are so skilled and people like seeing them play, that’s why people have had expectations. We’re not going to think of what-ifs, we know what we can do, we’re very keen and hungry to do it.”

It was the balance that Virat Kohli spoke earlier. Even though the bold red team had Virat Kohli, ABD, Chris Gayle, and some short time cameos of Shane Watson, Brendon Mccullum, and Tilakaratne Dilshan, weren’t any finisher role players to capitalize the start produced by these legends. Death overs have always been a problem for the red team, even at bowling. There wasn’t a particular bowler to pick up the ball to bowl the penultimate over. 

The team that they have picked for this edition seems like they can over all of these limitations. It is very well balanced now. And it can suit the conditions much better. With only three venues available, the skipper of RCB feels it might provide much recovery. Addedly, the skipper, thinks that these three venue conditions would slash out the home-away advantage. 

“In the IPL, the biggest challenge used to be travel,” Virat said.

“You pack your bags for a two-match trip, three-match trip, you come back and it’s hectic. It is more of a level-playing field now. Three venues and every team would know the conditions. It boils down to the skill-level rather than the home-away advantage. Competition will be even and high because of this factor.”

Travelling is typical stuff you cannot avoid. Too much travel can affect the mental health of the players. As it got only three venues, which isn’t too far on comparing to Indian venues, the franchise will have the benefit of lesser travels.

Above all, speaking of the RBB’ on-field opportunities, it seems relatively higher for this time as they have many new matches- winners to their side. Especially the core of the team has got bolstered. So, as Virat said, it will be an excellent opportunity for the bold red team, considering the factors he mentioned. 

Shikhar Dhawan feels the Current IPL Conditions in UAE are binary

The ace Delhi Capitals opening batter feels that three venues of UAE for this IPL will reduce the travel time which will help the players better in recovery. And at the same time, the bio-bubble environment would test the emotions of the players. 

“Because there will be less travel, your body won’t tire as much, usually in the IPL, your match will finish late at night, and then you’ll take a flight at 11 the next morning. Now, all the players will be able to recover better between matches.” Said Shikhar Dhawan during the press conference conducted by Delhi Capitals. 

As bio-bubble is mandated for the players, from a player’s point of view, it is to deal with mental stability. Tough times for the players for sure, especially when things aren’t going on their way in the tournament.

Family comes first, even though the players won’t be with their families during the non-pandemic world IPL tournaments, the presence or visits of their family members hither and thither during IPL travels might suffice for them. But this time the players had to look for the safety of their families too along with their health conditions. This may cause an imbalance in the mindset of a player, especially for the teams like CSK which have the habit of travelling along with the families. 

“There are challenges to living within the bubble,” says the Indian opener. 

“Because you won’t get to meet new people, you’ll have to remain with the same people throughout. You can’t go to restaurants, you can only go to designated areas. Our team has an entertainment room, where we play TT or video games, so that’s a good thing we’ve been provided, plus we have team dinners.”

The franchises have been ticking all the boxes to keep the mental and physical health of their players to be steady. During the previous seasons, the teams had workshops that brought them out from the pressure. The workshops that were ice-breaking. Glued the team, released the stress. In the similar vein, it is expected to have such events to divert the mind of the players. 

The Delhi born Indian cricketer has also said that the bio bubble would make players go through their emotions. And it won’t let them divert their mind. Adding, he had also mentioned that he is going to take this situation as an opportunity to explore his mental strength and improvise it. 

Where there are challenges, there are opportunities as well, and it depends on the person and how he views things. I see it as an opportunity to bond with my team-mates and the entire team.”

So Shikhar has eventually said both the pros and cons of this Dream 11 IPL edition’s conditions. 

Furthermore, speaking of on-field challenges, Gabbar has felt that Delhi Capitals have advantages according to the typical UAE conditions. The pitches of the three venues might get the sheens and cracks because of overuse, which would go in favour of spinners as the tournament processes. 

Since the Delhi based team has capitalised the leading spinners Ravichandran Ashwin, Sandeep Lamichhane, Axar Patel and Amit Mishra, Gabbar has expressed that it would be an essential element for DC in the slow bowlers’ supporting pitches of UAE. 

Along with that, Gabbar boasts the batting department of DC, which is found to have a greater depth in the order. 

On the whole, Shikhar Dhawan has showcased the complete picture of bio bubble environment and UAE conditions. Addedly, he firmly brought in the statement regarding his team’s potentiality, which his team believes whole-heartedly. 

Franchises Working Hard to Bring Back their Soldiers in Shape

Each IPL franchise goes on with different plans to bring in their players back to their normal best before the tournament commences. 

To beat the six-months hiatus, players of IPL franchises are getting involved in productive sessions that are very well planned by the coaching brains. Fitness isn’t going to be a matter for most players as they would have used the quarantine to improve the fitness level. What they lack are their on-field cricket drills. Their cricketing muscles might be rusty without any competitive practice session during the lockdown period. 

So, to throw up the rustiness, each team follows a different culture, and they have separate boxes to tick before the start of the tournament. 

Kolkata Knight Riders, after getting some basic comeback to their skill sets, got into open nets session, and it has become a new routine for them in the early evenings at the Sheikh Zayed International Cricket Stadium Academy in Abu Dhabi. 

“Feels great to be back in the middle, doing what we do best! It’s been a challenging period of quarantine for the Knights, but we all know how important it was for everyone’s well-being,” tweeted by the Knights’ official account. 

Whereas Mumbai Indians under Mahela Jayawardene gets separated into two groups, and they have the usual practice routine under the lights at the same venue, Abu Dhabi. 

RCBians are getting high with different approaches. Their official social media team has this duty now to promote their daily practice sessions. From that, one thing is clear, that is the skipper doesn’t want to get into too much pushing but needs the best from his blokes. 

“If we feel like that the workload is being high initially, we can communicate, but I want quality when we do lesser work. I don’t want guys running around for 2-2.5 hours and then feeling tired. Let’s reduce the workload but let’s do it with efficiency. I want to see the intensity in our practice sessions.”

In the similar vein, KXIP had played some warm-up games under the lights at Sharjah Cricket Stadium. With the technically sound coaching group, the shers of Punjab looks fine except the presence of Glenn Maxwell, who is in England right now. 

While the RR misses out their key players who are currently playing in England, the young guns under Sanju Samson are sweating hard in their regular net sessions. 

Ricky Ponting stands aside the nets to craft his DC batters while the bowlers fulfill the expectations of their bowling coach, Ryan Harris. 

With Dubai as the base camp, CSK is the late entry to the on-field practices. The Chennai team is slowly getting into the route to the tournament, and it will get its speed with the two integral Proteas players (Faf Du Plessis and Lungi Ngidi) joining the training camp this week. 

As the tournament is getting closer, the intensity from the franchises is also getting higher. A high-octane entertainment awaits. So let’s wait to catch the action.

Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings to start the IPL 2020

After plenty of discussions and obstacles, BCCI has now released the IPL schedule this Sunday, which revealed the info that CSK and MI are about to play in this edition’s inaugural match. 

Mumbai Indians is the only team to have a better record against the strong MSD’s team in IPL so far. With the 17-11 record against CSK, the mighty Mumbai franchise is all set to face CSK for the 29th time on September 19th in Abu Dhabi by 7.30 PM IST. 

Due to the pandemic situation, the IPL 2020 was forced to dislodge India, and in turn, it has been shifted to UAE, which is known for its hot conditions and slow wickets. As all the teams of IPL have landed nearly a month before the tournament commences, CSK is the only team that had major setbacks because of their 13 members, who were affected by COVID-19.

With all the other teams commenced their practice sessions right after their 14 days isolation, the CSK players had to wait for their extended quarantine period to get over. Eventually, the remaining CSK players who were tested negative have started their practice last Friday, provided the 11 staff members, and 2 players who got tested positive are still quarantined, waiting for further tests. 

CSK and its ardent supporters, without Harbhajan Singh and Suresh Raina, looks a little dull at the moment, which can be quickly vanished by their coaching brains once the tournament begins. 

Meanwhile, in the mighty blue camp, they are going to miss Lasith Malinga for this edition. But it won’t be earth-shocking stuff to overcome for Mumbai as they contain a very well balanced and internationally experienced side. In addition, it has been more than a week since they have started their practice session. This means they would be much afoot than CSK for the battle on September 19th. 

Coming back to the IPL schedule, it has been out with a disclaimer mentioning “Subject to change for any reason.” It will have the changes only when a team or player of a team gets affected by the deadly virus during the course of the tournament. 

Yet another thing to note down is the doubleheaders, that too in hot conditions. The players have to prepare themselves for the hottest matches, starting by 2 PM in the venues. A total of 10-afternoon games were planned, and they came later in the tournament. 

The venues are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah, each conducting 20,24 and 12 games, respectively. This is only the round-robin games, and it’s been only announced as of now. While the schedule of playoffs will be announced later, as per the conveniences of the teams. 

The Arrival of Afghan Players to IPL

Three IPL playing Afghan players: Rashid Khan, Mohammed Nabi and Mujeeb ur Rahman are about to travel directly from Caribbean land to ‘the city of gold’ to attend the IPL 2020 edition in UAE.

Three out of six Afghanistan players who are all currently participating in CPL that is organised by Windies cricket board in West Indies are also an integral part of their IPL franchises. Rashid Khan and Mohammed Nabi of Sunrisers Hyderabad along with Mujeeb ur Rahman of Kings XI Punjab are going to join their IPL camp right after the end of CPL, that is on coming Thursday.

With Rashid Khan’s team already been opted out of the tournament, the other two players’ teams have made it into the top four of CPL 2020, so it has pushed them to wait for the play-offs.

Meanwhile, the Afghanistan cricket board’s Shpageeza League got started in Kabul on this Sunday. Earlier it was said that all the six Afghan players might travel to Kabul immediately after the end of CPL as per their respective team’s schedule in CPL to participate in the Shpageeza League. But, the schedule of IPL has changed their entire plan now. As six days mandatory quarantine is implemented in IPL rule, Afghanistan Cricket Board has decided to send their three IPL players to UAE, so that they can start their IPL campaign from the beginning of the tournament, without missing any matches.

An important thing to note down is Rashid Khan’s current form in CPL. He is now vibrant with his 11 wickets in the Caribbean based tournament; especially his economy has groomed well at the end of his CPL 2020 edition. This, in turn, has made the 21-year-old Afghan spinner ready to roar under the leadership of David Warner in SRH.

Similarly, the all-rounder Mohammed Nabi who is also an SRH player seems to be in the same kind of touch of form. He had been bowling and bowling well in the current CPL. Unfortunately, Nabi’s batting hasn’t been proved in the Caribbean lands, so he will be looking forward to posting more runs in the play-offs and of course in UAE. Consequently, the SRH bench strength has become even more worthy now with the current form of their Afghan mates.

The mystery Mujeeb Ur Rahman tops the bowling chart in CPL among these three IPL playing Afghan players. By scalping 13 wickets along with the economy rate of extraordinary 5.02 in CPL, Mujeeb is all set to bolster the bowling department of KXIP.

The three Afghan players are said to reach UAE by the 12th of September. Then comes the six days quarantine, which will let them be available right from the beginning of the IPL tournament if they test negative for the three COVID tests that would be taken within the period of the six quarantine days.

The Start of the Yellow Army Camp

Chennai Super Kings started their practice on Friday (September 4, 2020) as the latest set of tests conducted on Thursday came as negative. 

“The training starts today. All others, apart from the 13, tested negative for the third time. Those who tested positive will only be tested after the isolation period (two weeks) is over.” said CSK’s CEO KS Viswanathan.

Earlier, the Chennai based team had a setback with 11 support members, and two players were tested positive for COVID-19. And this created an extended quarantine period for CSK members. CSK was the only team which hadn’t hit the nets for this IPL season so far. 

To add more to the setback, Suresh Raina and Harbhajan Singh have opted themselves out from this season due to personal reasons. This had added even more upset to the CSK fans who were eagerly waiting to witness their stars performing after a break.

The photos and videos coming out of CSK’s practice session have brought the smiles back to the ardent CSK fans. 

Except for the CSK team, all the other teams have started practicing. The players of other franchises are a step ahead of CSK players as of now. They would have got their cricketing touchback. Batsmen of other franchises might hit the level where picking of length and line became normal. Bowlers would have vibrated with their rhythm.

But the CSK players have just got exposed to outside conditions. It will take time to adapt to the cricket conditions first and then to the UAE conditions, which is comparatively slower to other venues. 

Albeit CSK is filled with experience and skill sets, getting back to the road might not be a considerable obstacle to cross for them. MS Dhoni, the skipper with his smartness, knows how to extract the best output from his fellow mates. And at the same time, with the experienced coaches and support staff, we could expect high intensity in their practice sessions. 

The only thing that worries the CSK camp right now would be Deepak Chahar’s current state. An amazing T20 bowler- swings the new ball in both the ways and a handy customer in the death overs. He is still on quarantine as he was tested positive. So Deepak Chahar and Ruturaj Gaikwad, the whippersnapper, who was also tested positive, had to wait for the two tests held by the end of the next week. Until that, they both have to wait for the net-sessions along with the 11 supporting staff, who were also tested positive and been in quarantine. 

As the Proteas players Faf Du Plessis and Lungi Ngidi have set their foot on UAE by September 1 they have been said to have six days quarantine, and they are all set to hit the nets on September 8 if they tested negative for the next two tests. 

Once these four players join the squad to practice, it would be a worthier look for the coaches and support staff. Let’s hope for the best. 

Harbhajan Singh and Kane Richardson followed Lasith Malinga’s way

With the veteran fast bowler, Lasith Malinga announced his unavailability for this IPL edition recently, CSK’s Harbhajan Singh and RCB’s Kane Richardson have now decided to let out this season due to personal reasons. 

Harbhajan Singh who has been so productive with his off-spin so far in IPL had a great two seasons for CSK. Until now the Turbeunator has scalped 150 wickets with an economy rate of 7.08 in IPL. 

“I will not be playing IPL this year due to personal reasons. These are difficult times, and I would expect some privacy as I spend time with my family. CSK management has been extremely supportive, and I wish them a great IPL. Stay safe and Jai Hind. ” said Harbhajan Singh. 

CSK will miss out the experience of the Punjabi bowler who had been an integral part of Mumbai Indians for three title wins and one for CSK, which was their comeback season, 2018.

From another point of view, apart from Harbhajan Singh, CSK possesses three leggies Imran Tahir, Karn Sharma and Piyush Chawla. Two top-class left-arm spinners Ravindra Jadeja and Mitchell Santner, along with the new entry of Sai Kishore from Tamil Nadu. So it’s already six contenders for the two spinners slot. Bhajji’s opting out decision would have lessened the tension of the other six spinners. Looking upon the UAE conditions, it won’t be a surprise if Dhoni choses to play with three spinners, providing they should play the role of pinch hitters.

Speaking of RCB, Kane Richardson’s dispatch from the side might affect them in this long tournament. Being an overseas fast bowler, he had Dale Steyn as his only competitor. Albeit having Dale Steyn by their side who has returned after a long time, his injury-prone body can upset RCB. Since Chris Morris and Isuru Udana come under the all-rounder category, Richardson’s decision will have a significant impact over both the team and himself.

The Aussie fast bowler has a strong reason to omit this edition. He has to miss this season for the birth of his first child. 

“It’s always difficult to withdraw from a competition like the IPL, it’s the pinnacle domestic competition in the world. Just the challenge around getting home on time for something as unpredictable as the birth of a child, I couldn’t risk missing that. We’ve had five months off, but hopefully cricket will always be there. The main thing for me is to support my wife, as cricketers, we are away for a lot of things, but there comes a time when you prioritise your family over anything else,” Richardson said.

As there are two weeks yet to go for the tournament, there are certain decision making among the players because of this challenging pandemic situation. It’s a critical time where the players have to think of their families’ safety too. Thanks to the franchises who have plenty of optional players who could fill the shoes of the missing outs.

Mumbai Indians’ pacer Lasith Malinga to miss IPL 2020

The leading wicket-taker of IPL, Lasith Malinga, opts out of this UAE edition of IPL for personal reasons. 

Earlier, it was said that Malinga would be joining his Mumbai Indian’s camp later before the tournament begins. With the confirmation of Malinga missing out from this tournament, the Mumbai-based team will miss his experience and captaincy for their bowling department. 

“Lasith is a legend and a pillar of MI’s strength.”  MI owner Akash Ambani said. 

“There is no denying the fact that we will miss Lasith’s cricketing acumen this season. However, we fully understand Lasith’s need to be in Sri Lanka with his family during this time.”

Every cricket follower would know what Malinga could bring on to the table, especially in this flying colours format. The Sri Lankan pacer has been a match-winner for Rohit’s team for a long time, notably the final of the last IPL edition in 2019, where he defended 9 runs in the last over to win the title for his team. 

Lasith Malinga is the leading wicket-taker of IPL, scalped 170 wickets so far in his IPL career with an average of 19.20 and striking rate at 16.62. Along with the marvelous economy rate of 7.14, the Sri Lankan pacer has grabbed 6 four-wicket haul and 1 fifer in IPL. 

The contribution he has made for his side is always irreplaceable, and his numbers would show the story. 

The Australian pace bowler James Pattinson has been signed as the replacement of Lasith Malinga. James Pattinson, who is currently in the Australian squad to play against England, is set to join the Mumbai Indians camp a week before the IPL. 

“James is the right fit for us and adds to our pace attack options available at hand, especially for the conditions we will play in this season,” says Akash Ambani. 

James Pattinson hasn’t played yet in IPL. But the hulky Australian pacer has pretty decent numbers in the Big Bash League of Australia, which is another bigger league of cricket. Speaking of the International level, he is naive, who has only four T20 matches for Australia to his name. So, for a speedster who needs to prove his name in a bigger stage, this is the right time, and this is the right space under the mighty franchise with technically-sound coaches. 

Even though Mumbai Indians will miss the legendary pacer, their pace attack is filled with international exposure: Trent Boult, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Jasprit Bumrah, Dhawal Kulkarni, Hardik Pandya, James Pattinson, Sherfane Rutherford, and Kieron Pollard. 

Mumbai Indians have never missed to improve their bench-strength. Even their substitute players who carry water for the playing eleven will be a match-winner. With Mahela Jayawardene as head coach and Shane Bond as bowling coach, this team is a pure class that takes cricket to its next level. Therefore, like any other IPL, we can expect the same sort of intensity and passion from the Mumbai based team, albeit they are going to miss out on the sidearm speedster of Sri Lanka.